Need help for new family.


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Logi, I have a mate who had a Challenger 03, capable car and easy to find a good clean one usually owned by females, BUT they are a bit heavy on fuel unfortunately. And not so easy to accessorise either as to low volumes in sales. He towed a 650kg camper trailer which it did, but worked pretty hard being a petrol 4lt.
Another mate had a petrol Prado and expressed the same issue, yes they pull trailers but rev hard to go up any incline and drink the fuel.

I say had for both of them cause they upgraded to new CRD versions and are very, very happy them.

What about a Kia Sorrento CRD. Pat Callahan drove one all over the place towing a camper and reckons they are a great beast. Maybe it's like a Forrester for the wife and a real 4x4 for you. I believe the new ones don't have low range anymore.

My 10c worth in the end, Pajero


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Jeeps from my experience can give you a hard time ownership wise - and not overly comfy to drive.
From your past run in the GU stick to Jap cars, Prado/pajero etc and you can't go wrong.
My mrs has '05 Kluger with everything and for her and our 2 kids is great. Constant 4wd, toyota V6 - and great price.
Think about service and backup for your next ride, if your planing to go out and about - who can service/fix it too.

Just my 2cents


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it's a Jeep thing, or a Landrover thing didn't arrive out of hassle free motoring. You don't hear Jap owners saying it's a toyota thing. From reading forums specific to Jeeps and LR, they are definitely capable out of the box, but do give there owners a bit of grief with their quirky problems.


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Main things i want to get a camping trailer and tour the out back, go to darwin, broome, cairns and maybe the cape.

probably 2 or three years away tho

Look at the Jeep, Prado, Pajero, challenger and Pathfinder in the 4x4 with low range

XTrail, Rav4 (4 door), Suziki and Kluger in the smaller 4x4 which may not have low range


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My 2 cents worth, go the Pajero. It is a comfortable car to drive around the city / suburbs and does not handle like a truck. Also very capable off road and very good towing capacity.

And I'm biased :D:D:D


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Go the prado, you have better touring range, it is an extremely comfy vehicle to drive, more aftermarket accessories available, Great off road, cheap to run. I'm not saying that the others are bad, just that the Prado is better.


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Of the choices you have given, I would go the Paj.

If I didn't get the Disco, I would have been looking at the Pajero. But now that I've had the Disco, I'm glad I got it and can't imagine a Paj or Prado being any more reliable or cheaper to own.

It depends if you're after a 4WD or an AWD. If you want an AWD, then the Forester is pretty hard to beat. My brother has one of these and it's really nice and quite capable. But not in the same league off-road as a 4WD (obviously).

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don't listen to them - get a JK wrangler crd with the offroad group - won't get a better truck
jeep has a a lifestyle not just a car

if looking for a smaller truck the KK cherokee is really well fitted out - if offroading it - get the skid plate pack - and 2 inch lift form the dealer

the jeeps have the most power in the class - especially the diesels

I've been off roading jeeps since 2003 and have minimal problems with them - you just need to keep them serviced and if you modify do it properly

the 4l in the xj, tj and zj is a ripper motor will go for 400000k's
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I used to own a Pajero I then had a discovery and now drive a 100 serries landcruiser I can honestly say that the pajero is alot more comftable on trips than both of them, better on fuel than the cruiser.
Yes they drive like a car, thats what makes them so good.
There not as big as patrol or landcruiser so if you dont mind going a bit smaller go the Pajero. I would swap my 100 serries for a pajero any day.
And for those who go off road, any 4x4 is only as good as the driver, tyre's and any mods that have been done. In stock form there all the same.


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we spent all day at the car yards, test drove a 2000 prado but the Finance minister said no, test drove a 2000 pajero but they would not play ball with the trade price, so last was the forester and we managed to make a deal that i am happy with.

I would have loved the pajero (it was stock, i mentioned lockers after watching a you tube clip about them), but just could not get the price i wanted. The Misses is really happy with the forester, so now i just have to save for the play 4wd.



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Hi Logitec,
To throw my sixpence worth is: Trading from a Patrol to a Forester will affect your travels in two ways. Offroad ability and space. If you are doing family holidays and not getting into the rough stuff a Forester will take you to 99% of family camping sites. For space, a light camper trailer will solve that issue. The money you save on fuel with the Forester around town (most kilometres traveled) will pay for the trailer. Foresters are a very capable car. Somewhere on the net is a Forester Club. Within 3 years the last of our boys will have left school and started their adult lives. A Forester is an option for the next vehicle. Or a Challenger, or a Prado or a Jeep...


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yeah i am looking forward to being like Brian... being a bit of a bot on here while i save. Camper trailer will have to be next years tax return.