Need Beta testers for a Windows Mobile GPS application


Hi guys and gals,

We are looking for 10 Beta testers for a Windows Mobile application that we are developing.

The application reports back the location of the mobile phone and displays it on a Google map. Wehave done about 10 months of development work and are just about ready to release it to the public, so the final step is to test it on some people completely unconnected with the project.

It works on Windows Mobile 5 or 6 Professional with or without a GPS.

We need people prepared to download the application and to test run it for a week or so. You will have access to the web site, so you can report back on how accurate it is.

The aplication is designed to enable people to track where other people are, either parents tracking kids, employers tracking employees and people wanting to keep in touch.

Please PM me your details if you are interested.

Thanks in advance,



My God the Mrs will have no excuses for not knowing where ill be or was, how will I get to visit my lady freinds if this tracking device gets out there. Thats ok Patriot I guess I'll just have to share won't I.


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James my new phone should do it. Running windows mobile on the new samsung omnia. I'll be in it.


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If I actually understood wot you were saying........ I don't even know if my phone is connected to the net?

You would have to be very patient with me!!:rolleyes:


What are u trying to say Frosty, Not as thick as some, but some what thicker than others. Just Kiddin Ya Frosty, Cheers