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Need advice on what to buy

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by James9625, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. James9625

    James9625 New Member

    A few months ago I posted on here and I got a wonderful response with advice, so thank you for everyone who helped me out.

    I have recently just returned home to Australia after living in Canada for almost 2 years and I am looking for a vehicle to buy here. I don't have a huge budget but there seems to be some range of vehicles I can buy. I am trying not to spend any more than $8000. From what I have seen on Carsales in Victoria there is a few option of Navaras, Hiluxs and Bravos. I want to get a twin cab ute preferably with a tray, but that isn't the end of the world and I would like to get a diesel.

    With my budget being so low I am open to ideas and suggestions about what to buy. I don't plan on doing anything crazy in the 4wd world but I would like to have something capable to drive around in the bush on some camping trips and so forth. Again my knowledge of these vehicles isn't the best besides the research I have done online. So any advice you are able to give me is greatly appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing back from the 4X4 Earth community again.

    Cheers James
  2. 2002GU3

    2002GU3 Well-Known Member

    Hi James, just my opinion but out of those cars you've mentioned I'd go the hi-lux, been around forever and have a great reputation, but in saying that the others aren't too bad either,

    LCV8VICTORIA Active Member

    They all have there problems, some just have more
    Ifs is weak
    Go soild axle
  4. Loony

    Loony New Member

    Gday James,
    I am new to this myself. I had to look at how I was going to use the 4b. From there i quickly realized that Dual batteries and a fridge was going to be needed, as were other extras. This started knocking down what i could realistically spend on the vehicle. In the end I went with a 20 year old 4x4 for no other reason than I knew that, as i was new to 4x4ing, i was going to probably put dents and or scratches in the car as any new driver will. I went with an old Mitsubishi Challenger 1999. Redbook price (licensed) between $2500 - $4500 Picked up unlicensed for under $1000. What i didn't spend on the vehicle, will now be spent on those luxuries we all need out in the bush. (More toilet paper).
    I have just finished reading a report on why so many later models of dual cabs are breaking their chassis. It's well worth the read. Check it out here. Hope it assists you mate
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  5. Mickkk

    Mickkk Active Member

    Put ml triton on ya list to keep an eye out for. They were pretty good, and getting closer to your budget.
  6. joekar

    joekar Member

    Get the best one you find in your price bracket. People will recommend things like the Hilux, but you will get a newer/lower klm model from one of the other brands for the same money.

    My preference? I’d look at the Triton or a Bravo.
  7. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    For that sort of low budget mate , the best thing you can do is look around and take a gamble .
    An old Patrol or Landcruiser would be a better bet , but the downside is it would be petrol and would you be able to afford to run it ?
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  8. 2luxes

    2luxes Active Member

    I agree 100%. The Hilux is the most common, and the most expensive, but its competitors are far from being junk. They will take you all over mountain and desert roads/tracks without any problems at all, that is providing you don't try and make them do the job of larger cars but that applies to the Hilux as well.

    I have two Hiluxes but that is because I worked on them for many years at three Toyota dealers and know them better than any other make.
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  9. maddon

    maddon Active Member

    good info here ; i got a navara / totally crap vehicle as far as quality goes but it has paid for itself and almost all the repairs and mods as well / totally suited to the job required and the memories this little bus has given is second to none but you can get memories from any vehicle
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