Navigator with WinCE help


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Hey team.

Now I have been using Ozi and Ozi CE for a long, long time.

However, I purchased an in car navigator, with built in reversing camera etc, that has win CE accesible without any hacks, cool!

so, i can save Ozi to the SD card, and navigate to it just fine. and open it.

However, it can't find the GPS...

It would seem that somewhere along the line, the GPS is only turned on when the Igo software is started, evidenced by the fact that the unit could be switched on for ages, but the GPS has to do a 'cold start' after choosing Igo.

To make matters worse, it's a chinese version of Win CE :rolleyes:.

The question, of course, is who can read chinese?? and has anyone come across this before, is there a likely program file buried somewhere, or does Igo actually have some sort of 'trigger' to turn the GPS on??

I can access the unit thru "my computer" and see what's on the SD card.

any help would be appreciated, and i'm happy to provide better info if i know what you need.



In OziCE Try setting the com port to a different port. The GPS should be on com 1 but it should use a shared port usually com port 6 or 7 (this allows a number of devices to use the GPS at the same time). If it uses com 1 you may find that Igo will not operate at the same time as OziCE.