National Luna fridges


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Seeking feedback on National Luna fridges.
Normal stuff required, build quality, power usage, electronics, cost V competitor etc etc etc
A mob keeps coming up on my FB feed offering a $400 discount on their single tub fridge unit and $200 on the fridge/freezer unit so making them worth a look, I had always viewed them as a bit too exxy in the past


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Engel, National Luna or Snomaster are in the business for quite some time and are all considered top-notch (especially the old swing motor Engels are legendary), I prefer the metal models over every plastic thing from dometic or ARB, I also don't trust dometic at all, every company they bought the products got worse in quality so I try to avoid them whenever possible.

My snomaster classic is 24/7 in use as a freezer at home and mastered multiple long time/distance trips over the last 8 years. Definitely would buy again. The snomasters are almost always the slowest in cooling down from room temperature. So if you often do weekend trips and empty the fridge all the time without using it at home, this is something to consider, on the other hand they have one of the best insulations and keep your stuff cooler for a longer time without powering on.