Narbethong...Be Careful here...


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Hi all,

I'm going to lead a trip up in Narbethong soon, planning to go through Dom Dom Ck Tk then right to Dom Dom Road through Fisher Crk. to Strickland Spur Tk. So we decided to do some pre-drive and see how the tracks will be, aside from wet and muddy of course.

On the map where it says "Bog" they didn't say how big and deep did they:eek:
Must have gone wider, bigger and deeper in time. How deep??? One us was driving a Maverick with 4" suspension lift and 2" body lift and when he went through, his bonnet level to the ground:eek: and got stuck to, snatched him back up and he gave it another shot, but this time all lockers on, he got through but with difficulty.

So anyone thinking of going that way, I would avoid it if I were you...unless you want to give it a shot;) the tracks are narrow and a long way to reverse, or... just before the Bog, there's a bit of space to do a 3 point turn, sorry I mean 9 point turn... or so...:(

Be warned my friends...