Nannup - WA Long Weekend

Karl Fehlauer

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Took some members from my 4WD Club (The Four Wheel Drive Club of WA) and The Isuzu 4WD Club of WA down to Nannup for the recent Labour Day long weekend and had an absolute ball. Saturday afternoon was spent exploring the Ellis Creek State Forrest and Sunday was spent driving the Adelaide Rd track and exploring the Bladwood River National Park.

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Clearing a fallen Jarrah log off of the track using a DeWalt Electric chainsaw which did an outstanding job.

2020-02-29 4WD - 002-Edit.jpg

This was the log after it was cut - so a decent size.

2020-02-29 4WD - 005-Edit.jpg

Came a cross a much larger tree fall which we cleared enough to drive over.

2020-02-29 4WD - 010-Edit.jpg

2020-02-29 4WD - 015-Edit.jpg

2020-02-29 4WD - 020-Edit.jpg