Nangar NP


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Nangar National Park has some good easy trails in Central West of NSW. Suitable for soft roaders and newbies, although make sure there hasn't been too much recent rain. I found the dirt road in (private road) very soft underfoot. Didn't use low range all day. Heaps of roos & birds around too. Take a friend (in another vehicle) if you plan on tackling it in a soft roader or as a Newbie.

There is a nice picnic/camping area with a flash pit toilet. The main track past Dripping Rock and up to the lookout on Nangar Mt was easy on the way up. Not too steep and plenty of traction. Some of the puddles on the road hide deep ruts, but all of them had a deviation track for those that want to use them. :)

The drive down from the look out and out of the park (after dark fo me) was more of a challenge, not just with the terrain but dodging the roos in the dark.


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