Mystery 12 volt problem

I am sure there is a logical explanation for this.
I have a Renogy DCDC 20 amp charger in the Jeep, charging an AGM 60 amp battery, no problems.

switched to a iTechworld 50 amp Lithium pack, on DCD Charger changed switch 5 to off, 1-4 on. (As per manual)

drove and the Charge went to 13.7 volts, then dropped down to 13.2 for a while, then back up to 13.7….. never higher.

I put an old amp meter (needle type), between charger and battery, started engine, and it went to 14.6?
Took the amp meter out and it went to old behaviour.

put it back in, 14.6 volts?


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Have you spoken to itechworld??

Im only guessing as I know very little about LiFePo4 but possibly BMS could need resetting?


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Sounds like the battery is full? Tried draining it and starting again? Depending on the charger settings 13.7 is what they settle back to once they hit full charge.