My other cars if you have any post your pics.


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Had one like that for a while swapped it for a L300 Mitsubishi, great little 4WD if you were not in a hurry1.8 litre about 16 mpg on the road had 31"x15 tyres did 500,000 Kim untouched but took miles to pass a road train.Drove it around Aus twice.


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I've just recently sold my LJ Torana that I've owned for the last 17 years. Replaced it with a chev suburban. I've always been a petrol head but for some reason I've never owned a V8, until now and I've gone straight to a 454. Had to get the burb trucked over from QLD to Perth as I just didn't have any free time for the next couple of months to drive it back myself. Will post some photos up soon