my new old 85 swb nb paj


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After killing my 80 series in a water crossing that i have done numerous times, lesson learnt dont assume that the crossing hasn't changed, I have bought my self a very tidy 85 swb 2.6 paj. rebuilding all the front end/steering getting it ready for a rwc.

Im slowly Transfering items from the cruiser, roof racks, awning and light bar. Im also going to put the accessory wirring block from the 80 into the paj, just have to work out how to wire it in.

Im going to build a set of rock sliders for it, not to sure about brush bars yet as i don't have access to tools needed to work with round bar.

as i havn't had much experience with pajero's, i might be a bit of a pain in asking lots of questions.
how good are the lsd's in them and what lockers are avalible for them ?


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Looks nice and clean. I've got an ole mate up your way with the swb, model after yours and it has an awesome LSD.


i had an 85 LWB, the LSD's in that were great, front and rear LSD as well in my one... people used to see it all the time and ask if i had lockers because it was just strange the way it carried on.. never got lockers for mine though.. dont think i could get a front might need a V6 diff or something? and the rear was only ARB
went everywhere, but always with a front wheel in the air :D