My Intro


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Hi All,

I’m new to this great site! been reading the forums lots of good info. My experience is manly as a passenger/navigater for a few club trips, but am relatively new to being behind the wheel in the bush.

I planed and lead a couple of trips up the high country for friends & family. But now I would like to do some day or overnight trips as well closer to Melbourne.

My forby a pretty much stock 78 Rangie (THE PIG loves rollin in the mud) below is the list of things I have got since getting it, if I need anything else please inform me.

Most of the maps for VIC.
Sill tanks.
Dual Battery management system.
Diff, gearbox, transfer, engine breathers.
Hand winch.
Winch extension strap.
Snatch strap.
Tree trunk protector.
Snatch block.
In the middle of converting an air con pump to inflate tyres.

Things I want next:
Roof rack.
Rear Bar for spare wheel & water.