My first quote for 2nd battery + rewiring (for fridge)


Hi All,

I am looking at getting a fridge for my 2007 Nissan Patrol so went down to my local auto-electrical workshop for a quote for the below:

Install auxiliary battery under bonnet.
Install jump start option.
Rewire existing accessory sockets to auxiliary battery supply.
Install new accessory socket to right rear of vehicle cabin area

The total cost is $1,327.70 and i have attached the details of the quote.

Do you think this pricing is reasonable and is it the best setup required for running a fridge of the 2nd battery?

Thanks in advance.



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Do it yourself plenty on here can talk you through how ( and were going to enjoy the arguments ) honestly its not hard


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Having a looks through the quote everything seems pretty reasonable, could you do it cheaper? Yes, you will save 450 straight away in labour, might be able to save a few more bucks on sourcing parts cheaper and doing it yourself you'll learn some new skills as well.

But if you've got the money, its the setup you want and you dont have the time, looks reasonable to me.

For me, unless something is completely out my area of knowledge or its something i know i can do myself i hate paying someone else over 100 an hour to get something done.


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I would say do it yourself and learn how it works that way when it stops you can make it play again, we really are only talking about adding a duel battery system (that comes with instructions) and running a heavy active back from a battery (all the way back or you'll regret it later) Rewire existing sockets why ? I would just add new Anderson plugs where needed (you going to end up adding more ) Personally think Red Arc is good but expensive there are plenty of other options. But if your not game $440 as long its a fixed price, seems ok theres a lot of pissing about making the battery fit thats the hardest bit


Do it yourself plenty on here can talk you through how ( and were going to enjoy the arguments ) honestly its not hard

Plus when it turns to shit out in the Bush you have an idea where to locate the problem, someone else does it your out there scratching your head where the hell do i start.

My advice would be to run 2 seperate wires to the back, one for the fridge only fused at the battery, nothing else will run off it and another seperate for auxiliaries fused at the battery.


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I'd want more than one 20amp fuse in the mix.

That's about the money I was quoted over 2 years ago for a similar set up.

I did all my own with bigger batteries and more outlets for a lot less but felt I should compare my options.

At the very least, ask for a quick sketch or verbal description of the work. A decent person would happily give you one. You might end up doing a field repair or adding more/different outlets.


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Looking at the quote, the supply prices seem to be reasonable, they do not appear outlandishly value added.

How handy are we with the crimpers/soddahring iron? Do we need buy the tooling to complete the job? There are whats termed ''consumables'' not quoted on, these are simply screws bolts zipties soddah convoluted tube[if used] etc all the insignificant stuff, like a couple of postage stamps to a lawyers office where you get charged 8bucks to read an email.

The labour, while a bit steep? I have not kept up with the going rates? .... is all you look to save ~440 ..... in 4 hours you walk out the shop, plug and play. DIY ...if confident? How long this takes you?

One can learn on the job, one can simply subtract 440 and add time/hassles and understanding to a value yet to be determined?:cool:


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You can buy everything you need for around $500--- battery tray (ebay)$135---105A/H deep cycle battery $185(Autobarn)---battery isolator (ebay) $100---wiring/fuse/socket/Anderson plug, around $100...........That's what I paid around 2 years ago, a quick look on ebay shows you can get battery tray $85 ---isolator $50-$60 so could be a lot cheaper than $500 now.............Fitting the battery and tray is very easy..running the wire to the rear is easy..............Buy the parts yourself and fit whatever you can then get a sparkey to do the final hook-up if you don't feel confident enough yourself.

Barra GU

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Hey mate agree with some of the other guys here.

If you have the time amd are willing to give it a go you can easily do it yourself.

To this day i dont even know how to install a car radio...

I got shown a basic drawing once for a 2nd bat for fridge amd the rest is history.