My first 4WD (Hilux LN106R)

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Thanks Groovy Bloke, yes the shaft came out of an ln167. It has a greasable yoke at the top so depending on how much grease is in the there the length of the shaft can change, so exact lengths of the two shafts were no big issue and it fitted well. Glad you liked the paint job too, I probably put a bit too much effort in considering no one will see it when the tray is on haha

Well it will suit the rest of your ute that you've done up well. Given how much space they have underneath, I'm sure some enthusiasts will get a look in.

unfortunately it’s not on the road yet, but I’m really itching to get it registered soon. I can’t test it out yet though, but I’m glad you noticed a difference in yours. I have heard a few reports of the single piece tailshaft removing vibrations on the road, so it’ll be interesting to give it a good drive with it in.

I hear ya a bit there. I'm down south in an area where we're not allowed to go 4wding or camping at the moment. Even missing the long freeway drives! One day not too far off ideally. Would like to get some more 4wd "testing" in. They're great vehicles, reliable on road and off road.
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Tray is back and finally all bolted up, hopefully for good this time. Time to wire in some resistors for the tail lights, start saving for a new exhaust, and repair that rusty door.
feels as if it’s finally getting somewhere, looking like a Ute again! Better not get too excited though, there’s plenty more to do...


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It has a greasable yoke at the top so depending on how much grease is in the there the length of the shaft can change, so exact lengths of the two shafts were no big issue and it fitted well
Just be careful about filling up the greasable yoke. It’s a slip yoke and being bolted to the gearbox and the tailshaft is what dictates the length of the shaft, not how much grease is in it. That shaft needs to be able to slide in and out, as the springs are compressed and the diff gets closer to the tray the tailshaft needs to get shorter. If it’s full of grease it can’t compress and puts all the pressure on the gearbox. Only need enough grease to keep it lubricated.


Hi everyone that has been following this thread, thanks for the support and advice, it has motivated me and pushed me to keep working on this car all this time. Very close to roadworthy now. Unfortunately I won’t be posting on this forum anymore, mainly due to the ads which bombard you as you are using the website, and also just not seeming to find time for it anymore. It’s been a great time though, wish everyone the best. Still working on the Hilux and keener than ever about it, just not going to use these forums anymore


I know I said I wouldn’t post here anymore, but I thought some might like to see some pics of the lux in its current form. I’ll make a very basic list of what I’ve done to it since January but there’s really too much to put down haha

• bullbar and tray guards powder coated hammertone
• New genuine bonnet
• fitted upgrade led headlights and light force driving lights
• EFS 2 inch lift leaf springs all round to replace old incorrect springs, adjustable tough dog diff torque rod to allow correct ride height and wheel alignment. Ride quality is vastly improved
• Car is now leak free after swivel hub rebuild, oil cooler gasket replacement, rear diff pinion seal, diff carrier gasket replacement and some new low pressure side power steering lines.
• New knuckle bearings, front and rear wheel bearings and oil seals throughout, all bearings and seals SKF / Japanese manufacture
• New DBA Brake drums and ventilated rotors plus new bendix pads
• full brake and clutch fluid flush plus new genuine clutch master cyl.
•Department of the interior roof console with GME UHF, USB power outlets and narva led lamp
• Restored SR5 genuine fibreglass flares
• 5th gear played up in old g/box, hub engagement ring teeth chipped away. Found a better condition box and installed. Finally have all 5 gears.
• New viscous fan clutch
• new heater hoses
• window tint
There would be more, but I don’t want to be a bore with big lists. It’s running great but badly needs new injectors and reco pump. Then I might start looking at a modest turbo setup. Couldn’t be happier with the way it’s running currently. Very dependable car and lovely and simple to fix if ever it does break.


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far out mate, that was one heck of a build. just read the whole thread and it was such a good read to see a very average car get to what it is in the last post, very good job and hope its still treating you very well. awesome work dude!