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My First 4by

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by Leigh Conduit, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Leigh Conduit

    Leigh Conduit New Member

    So i guess my 4X4 story begins in October 2013, a time where the thought of spending my long weekends and any spare weekend i could manage in the high country taking in the best of what this country has to offer. That was until one Wednesday afternoon sitting at home an enormous bang came from out front, after high tailing it out i was greeted with the sight of gold Camry on its roof after doing it's best to turn my Triton into a SWB.

    1379747_10152252088962586_1173397988_n.jpg 1383921_10152252089492586_1286105371_n.jpg

    Now what do i do?

    Head to Volkswagen of course, obviously the best choice for a new work ute, so off i go, a number in mind of what i could afford as an apprentice.
    only to be ignored by 5 sales reps who seemed more interested in their conversation and coffee... Lucky for me.
    walk next door to Ford where they couldn't be more accommodating, went through what i was after, me being picky said i want a Ranger, Supercab chasis, 4X4 (keeping in mind i had no intention to use it), in Metropolitan Grey, and i need it before November.
    paid a deposit there and then, with everything written into the contract, phone call came the following day, "we found one in SA we are able to do a dealer swap should only take a few week, it's the only one in the country in that exact configuration"
    Perfect, and that's where my obsession with the 4x4 world began, 17 days after the accident i took delivery of my first 4x4.


    I have since found a group of mates from the cricket club and we head out every opportunity we can find, with anywhere in the high country playground of choice, anywhere from Walhalla to Dargo to Mt Stirling and anywhere in between.

    Starting plans to head up north west and do Kunanarra through to Kalumburu in 2020, Plenty of work to do on the ute before that happens though, always open to suggestions.

    A few pics from Labour Day 2018, Craig's Hut - Dargo - Licola (including a Disco in it's natural state)

    20180310_170508.jpg 20180311_142534.jpg 20180311_174400.jpg 20180310_165046.jpg

    Video thanks to my Brother, Queens Birthday 2018
  2. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Great stuff mate.
    Extra cabs are grouse if you travel alone or with one passenger.
    Got one myself , love it .
  3. Choook

    Choook Well-Known Member

    I can see the problem under the bonnet with that Disco just from that photo. It's a V8 not a TD5. :p:D
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  4. Leigh Conduit

    Leigh Conduit New Member

    Cheers Mate,

    Absolutely, love the extra space without losing room on the back.
    and couldn't be happier about not getting an Amarok.
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  5. Leigh Conduit

    Leigh Conduit New Member

    the bonnet was up before we even left for the trip, it's a long tow back to Licola from the Howitt Plains too, glad i didn't have to be the one to do it.
    i thought this was the biggest problem with it.
  6. Choook

    Choook Well-Known Member

    Land Rover. Turn drivers into mechanics for 70 years. :eek:
    Yeah that could have been a problem, the badge is the wrong colour, should be a green oval. :D
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  7. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    You said it , not me :p
  8. Leigh Conduit

    Leigh Conduit New Member

    and I'd say it again :D, or is there an unwritten rule on here not to upset those who drive AWD's?
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  9. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    No mate , they just dream of the new 2 litre Raptor Ranger because it has suspension .
  10. Leigh Conduit

    Leigh Conduit New Member

    So looks like the next trip out will be the vic gathering, both long weekends between now and then booked up and won’t be getting off the black stuff at all

    Can always look back on pics I guess.

    CA47089A-4642-498C-A422-DD8CF9328552.jpeg A7E995E4-2C5A-4104-8F03-F40B7D832F92.jpeg

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