My "Blanc Australia rear fold camper


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I always said I'd never buy a camper as it's only me I have to cater for when on trips - no missus or kids. But when I saw this one advertised it ticked a few critical boxes.
Rear fold hard floor
Fridge box
2 spare tyres
Decent size water tank
I picked it up for $7500 second hand on the central coast NSW so I could travel and work and have somewhere decent to sleep if no accommodation was available. It was in pretty good condition but my next job was lined up in Broome so I replaced tyres, bearings and battery and headed to Broome via Cairns, The Savanah Way, Gibb and Beagle Bay. All went ace until I got to the road to Cape Leveque. The slope of the road and corrogations stuffed the wheel alignment on the drivers side and the inside tyre wall rubbed through, weld on the stone guard cracked, suspension safety chains stretched pulling out electric brake wires, blew all 4 shocks and sprung a water leak. All this on one poxy bit of dirt road. Managed to keep going and bypassed the Broome gig and headed to another gig in central NT. That one finished and now I'm headed back east to fix it all.
I'm still happy with the purchase as after all those roads nothing real serious has busted and I love all the extra space.
Maybe I'll upgrade to a van when I get sick of setting up and packing this thing up.
Wow! I'm looking to be in the market for a camper in the next 12-18 months (depending on price/quality), so I'm doing a lot of inspecting/reading/reviewing. Would you be kind enough to PM me the brand? I may have already added it to (or removed it from) my ever-expanding shortlist...


hiluxdriver, glad you got it sorted out mate, could have broken worse and had to be abandoned.
Budget constraints affect us all eh...I've been trying to sell a top quality custom built h/duty offroad box trailer, RTT/awnings/etc etc built for camping/trail biking etc, and yes I am completely confident this trailer could be towed anywhere in OZ no problem [but that's what I paid for]. Despite costing 9K+ to have built and only asking $4500 people inquire and say it is too expensive but as I have tried to explain many times if their budget for an offroad trailer is $2000-3000 they seriously have to consider where they want to go and if they want to return safely with no problems.[So much crap for sale].
I am sure I am not the only one to see an abandoned trailer because the weld on a spring hanger has let go and and the complete axle assembly/wheels etc has been torn off...what happens to your trip then...cactus.