My Armadillo Camper

I've seen a lot of posts about camper trailers - so I couldn't resist putting one up about mine...

It's an Armadillo camper. My wife and I saw it at the Home and Leisure show one weekend in Canberra and fell in love with it. It comes standard with, well pretty much everything. 2 x 80L water tanks, 2 100Amp hour batteries, 1500W pure sine wave inverter, shower, hot water system (12v/240v), Queen size mattress. It came with 2 extra rooms. It even has a stereo in the kitchen.

This thing has followed us everywhere we've taken it and has not complained.

We are both very happy with our "Max" (and if I could work out how to include pictures here, I would do so...)
That's a nice looking camper, just a bit pricey for us but looks well made and thought out. we had to go a bit cheaper with ours definitely get what you pay for.
Do you have any trouble with dust getting in.

Nah, no problem with dust getting in. We had a few issues with water getting into the compartment that houses the inverter, but Maz and Troy from Armadillo Campers were great. They came out to our house after hours and fixed it, replacing the inverter as well as the door latch.