Muloorina Station !!!!


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Anybody camped at Muloorina Station lately ? Just after what it's like & if the bore is running ??


Les PK Ranger

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Maybe give them a call and check if all normal now for camping etc, they can obviously tell you about the bore too.
I found 2 phone entries for Mullorina one from Yellow Pages 08 8675 8341 . . . and one from WIkicamps 08 8648 5300.

I've never done more than travel past their driveway many times, but I believe the camping is reasonable, toilets, bring own drinking water.
A drive to Level Post Bay (if open) is on my list one day, though Lake Eyre South is drying up pretty well.


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We have stayed there a couple of times but not in the last couple of years so don’t know the current status


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The track out to Lake Eyre was closed not that long ago. A pretty corrugated track at the best of times. There's not that much else to do out at Muloorina and it's a fair way out and back along the same road.


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I stopped in for a look in March while working at one of the pump stations further in on Muloorina. Wasn't anyone camping (was bloody hot, 47°C on the 2nd day). Not too sure what the go is re: covid restrictions