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It's been bloody wet and cold this week, so I was surprised to wake up and see the sunshine outside. I'd arrange to catch up with a mate, so I packed the Patrol and then threw in the family. Easy plan; Leave at 9AM, Orange to Mullion Range SCA, (20 mins) and drive some of the forrestry tracks. Morning tea at a picnic area, more tracks before heading back to Orange in time for lunch.

The drive out was OK. Found the correct turn in easily enough, then on the dirt we passed a guy getting out of his Navara, dressed in Camo. I thought it was a bit strange until I saw his rifle. Apparently the reserve is open to hunters. Would be nice if signs were posted, to let other forest users know hunters were in.

We drove on through the park in the opposite direction, heading for the steeper country. Most of the tracks were very narrow. It was a nice drive, and soon the sun was hidden behind some very dark clouds. The temperature dropped as it started to rain. We pulled into the picnic area and found it has been destroyed by fire. All the remained was the concrete slab the table and chairs were bolted too.

After 45 mins of driving we climbed steadily to almost 1000m and it started to snow. The scenery was excellent, forest covered in snow. The pines looked like little christmas trees, the gums were magical covered in snow. As we drove on, the tracks became steadily narrower and muddier.

After driving in a general westerly direction for 30 mins the snow didn't relent so we decided to make our way out. Unfortunately some tracks were impassable due to over growth and in some cases huge trees had fallen across the track. We moved one tree with the winch, but some were just too big and we had to back track and go around.

Our friends had trouble in one boggy section, their LC200 engaging traction control, stopping them dead in the mud. Luckily they could back up a bit and bury the foot, the V8 diesel unleasing itself on the mud and pushing the big Yota through.

Eventually we made it out and back onto the blacktop, disengaged 4WD and kicked up the pace on our way home. We had a great day in the snow and mud, we'll go back soon and map out some more of the reserve.


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Good report, are you sure you weren't in VIC what's the saying in Vic if you dont like the weather wait an hour.

Have You any pics


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Yeah, I did get a couple but the snow doesn't really turn out. All the ones of the deeper snow are out of focus, I must have had some water/snow on the lens and not noticed when I was in a hurry.


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Sounds like a decent weekend. Shame about the fires. I have noticed a lot more fallen trees than normal on many of the tracks - had a few gale force winds come through, so I guess with the recent drought some trees just can't hack it.

Note to self: take chainsaw.