MudMaps new 3.5 version


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Installed the new MudMaps 3.5 last night, it was a free upgrade if you had already purchased 3.07 version for iPad.

It is completely different, new format, new graphics and several new maps.

The biggest improvements I have noticed already are -

1/ You can now zoom out without loosing the trails/tracks on Smart Toppo

2/ much more user friendly operating system.

Looking forward to using it in the scrub, but early indications are good.



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The new version is far better than previous ones, far more user friendly.

I have been trialling it the last few weeks before the release came out and it is doing well. There was a bug that had the compass showing approx 50 degrees out which has been fixed prior to the general release coming out.

Tap, Tap Taparoo


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Just installed IOS6 and MUD-Maps is still running fine, no issues.

HEMA on the other hand is now very jerky when scrolling across the map tiles


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$150 is the cost, no cost for updates or ongoing costs. There is extra cost if you want specific / extra maps but thats the same with numerous app. It's not available for Android at this stage.


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What does MudMaps Cost? Does it come for Android also?

If you have Android, take a look at Memory Map. It runs Hema, 25K, etc and is free. The maps do cost but there is a very good 250K topo map for free. It will also run on the Pc and IPad/phone. The Hema Iphone app is this rebadged.

You can download any map for free for 10 days. It is a great app.