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MU-X - problems, issue or complaints ?

Discussion in 'MU' started by lurkr, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. lurkr

    lurkr Member


    I'm in the market for a new 4x4, and trying to get a feel for how reliable and well built the MU-X is. A similar forum post (by someone else) on a Colorado forum resulted in a very concerning list of common issues, and lack of dealer engagement. I've not found anything similar on the Isuzu, so though I'd pop this out there, to see if there's any niggly faults or issues with the MuX - and how well the dealer network has dealt with them.

    ... aside from the 3 recalls, which don't really concern me.

    As an example, some problems reported on the Colorado were vibrations, oil consumption, engine system shutdown, overheating, and water ingestion at relatively shallow crossings. Anything like this on the Izusu side?

  2. rhynoceros

    rhynoceros Member

    I've not experienced any problems.

    As you probably know the Colorado and Mu-x are very different beast mechanically, I suggest you check out NEW D-MAX / COLORADO FORUM • for issue people have had with their dmax's almost identical to mu-x other then the obvious.

    Mu-x engine and transmission are some of the most reliable available, can't compare them to Holden's Fiat engine with commodore transmissions.
  3. lurkr

    lurkr Member

    Thanks rhyno... will check it out.
  4. austinedition

    austinedition Member

    Virtually no issues with the M-UX D-MAX. Like mentioned above the niggles with seat belt bolts, but c'mon that's nothing.
  5. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    No issues here either.

    AFAIK design-wise the MU-X is the same as the Colorado 7 except for the engine and transmission as mentioned above. The engine is Isuzu's and has a long pedigree. The auto trans is Aisin which also features on some Toyotas I believe. The manufacture and build are by Isuzu.

    Isuzu claim that with normal servicing 90% of these TDs will return 500,000 kms.

    There's now a decent choice of aftermarket accessories.

    My only gripe is with the local dealer who managed three cock-ups at the 10k service. Only took it there for the recall work to be done as well and they didn't despite agreeing to.
  6. Spiraldeath

    Spiraldeath New Member

    My father has a D-Max around 3.5 years old and about 130,000 kms onthe clock, the only problem he has had with it is when he took it back to the dealer recently they wouldn't give him enough change over to buy a new one ;-) and a tree fell on it damaging the roof (hardly Isuzu's fault). So mechanically speaking he is tickled pink with it.

    Towed my Captiva 7 back from Canberra recently after the POS broke down for the umpteenth time and averaged 12.1L /100Km from Canberra to Coastal Victoria

    Which is why I have just ordered myself a new Mu-X LST to replace my POS Captiva which was in the shop over the last three years more then it was in my garage and it was just used for doing trips to school and back most days.

    Whilst the old man's D-Max has towed the caravan to Darwin and back from New South and never missed a beat.
  7. MGMUX

    MGMUX Member

    My LST is nearly on 10000km. I think the only things I don't like are.
    Cup holders don't fit bike drink bottles.
    No rear diff lock.
    Fuel tank size.

    We love our isuzu. Some friends that ridden in the car have been quite surprised how well it drives an performs. The lst is a great package especially for the price point.
  8. austinedition

    austinedition Member

    diff lock would be nice!
  9. lurkr

    lurkr Member

    hmm .. nice try, but can't really class this as a fault :-/

    On that note tho' ... so this is not an electronic 4x4 system that distributes load to wheels ? ... which means that IF you get diagonally opposite wheels off the ground, you stop moving ? (It's happened to me quite a bit in the Jack - it's when I resort to momentum :D )

    Can someone elaborate on how teh 4x4 system works in the Isuzu, so I know where I'll get stuck
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2015
  10. MGMUX

    MGMUX Member

    Yep if your going to go hard core you'll need a diff lock. In saying that though the torque is split 50% front and rear as there is no center differential being a part time 4wd system. So it will have considerable traction for most efforts.
  11. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Provided you haven't turned off the traction control the system will brake the spinning wheel(s) and transfer power to the wheels with traction. The system does require some egging on to make it engage and seems a bit counter intuitive but you've got to slowly increase your throttle when you start to lose traction and not back off. The system will engage once the free wheel spins for a bit and your off. Getting used to how the traction control responds is one of the more and interesting fun things you learn when your out driving. Oh it can also make a heck of a racket when its operating, this is not a cause for alarm.. :)
  12. rhynoceros

    rhynoceros Member

    I found that if i just keep constant power in first low (going as slow as possible) the traction control system works as designed no extra right foot required just slipping.
  13. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    It might be a terrain thing. One particular instance was on the Telstra track here in Perth and I was on very loose steep incline. Half way up I lost traction and the truck just sat there spinning its wheels. I rolled back and had another crack at it. The instructor spotting for me said to keep feeding it gentle acceleration when I lost grip and sure enough after giving it a bit more throttle the TC kicked in and I was up with no problems.
  14. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Add driving through the brakes to the repertoire as well.
  15. MGMUX

    MGMUX Member

    Nice one Jad.
    Brakes are there to be used. May as well enjoy using them on some fun stuff instead of the usual mundane day to day driving.
  16. lurkr

    lurkr Member

    Well... don't know whether to be disappointed or happy. No-one reporting any real faults with the truck - I even tracked down a country relative with the DMAX that has zero complaints and no issues.

    A pity that Holden seem to have botched it with the colorado drivetrain (or their post-sales service, of which there's a litany of bad experiences posted online)

    The Mu-X is sounding like a solid vehicle :cool:
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  17. Are we there yet

    Are we there yet New Member

    It seems to be a very good vehicle, this forum has been very helpful for finding out any problems. Like you I've found nothing other than the GPS maps being out of date, which seems to be the case for most cars with SatNav regardless of make.

    Officially paid the deposit today for an MU-X LS-T, can't wait till I can pick it up later this week.
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  18. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Congrats AWTY.

    IMO the vehicle is simple, strong and capable. It gets marked down by a fair few motoring writers for being rough around the edges, for hard plastics/lack of interior bling, and for the suspension. And there's no doubt dollars have been saved on the suspension and it's worth upgrading in time.

    I've been having deep and meaningfuls with my 4WD specialist over the performance of the Dobinson 45mm lift kit and they've agreed to replace the lot. Dobinson acknowledged that the rear spring rate was too high (this is the kit for an added 100-200kg) accounting for a harsh ride at speed. I'm not sure what the replacement will do for the poor low-speed-rebound damping at the front but will soon see. It's basic damper design.
  19. Are we there yet

    Are we there yet New Member

    The summer clearance deal on the MU-X seems to be finished. According to three dealers I spoke to yesterday the MY14 build plates are all sold, at least in Victoria, now. I got the second last one from my dealer and while I was there the last one was sold! Mine was build plate DEC 2014 and Aussie compliance plate of Jan 2015, the other was build and compliance in 2014. One of the dealers said he would match the $50,990 drive away as I mentioned it, so there's still hope if your quick.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2015
  20. Foxyfox80

    Foxyfox80 New Member

    Lack of roof rack ability on the LS-M and LS-U. Rhino released them on their website, then retracted it two days later. Don't really want to go the izuzu ones.

    Had mine (LS-M) for 5 months, 9000 Kms and it is a real beauty to travel in. I find long drives the lack of a comfortable arm rest on the drivers side window is annoying.
    Apart from that and the drink bottle holders being small it really fits our purpose.

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