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Discussion in 'MU' started by Jad308, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Mu-xxx

    Mu-xxx New Member

    Sorry, my last comment was supposed to be a reply to @Ziggy. My bad.
  2. xtrailer

    xtrailer Member

    Any news when the euro 5 engine will be launched? overseas markets seem to be offering a 2.5 twin turbo engine with 120 kw and 400 Nm, would the current offering be better or may the cabin also get a facelift with the new euro 5 model?
  3. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Asian markets got a 2.5l from the start as far as I can see. One Malaysian review canned it.
  4. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    The latest model in Thailand has a 1.9l engine. Hope Australia doesn't get that next :(
  5. PeachesD40

    PeachesD40 New Member

    Hey all, probably my first comment on here, i am looking seriously at an M-UX for a decent off roader. Thoughts?

    What upgrades have you made and where do you find gear for them? After a brief search i am struggling to track
  6. peterc150

    peterc150 New Member

    I have put some information on upgrades and where I sources them here I intend to some outback trips in the future.
  7. Whiteman

    Whiteman New Member

    image.jpeg Hi guys. New member. Picked up this beauty for the Mrs on Monday.
  8. Decca

    Decca Member

    Lucky Mrs....
    What bar is that?
  9. Whiteman

    Whiteman New Member

    Well she had to put up with me so maybe not that lucky. Factory Isuzu Alloy bar. Not winch compatible but will most likely never need to use a winch anyway.
  10. khossain

    khossain New Member

    Hey mate, Im having the same issue and came across to your post. Thanks God. Now, trying to copy the same setting you have mentioned, however my AVC video converter does have the same output options, what software did you use for converting video?
  11. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Old query but still relevant.
    It's plenty capable as an offroader. I'm a member of 2 4WD clubs and can keep up with the range of machines represented there. Have done long stretches of outback gibber, corro and sand with nothing worse than two mudflap screws dropping out and a couple of bashplate bolts doing the same. It's got plenty of grunt for the long steep or loose spurs in the high country.
    I'd prefer it had a centre diff to run FT 4WD on winding bitumen. Some say it should have a rear diff lock but I say invest in your driving skills first to see if you really need one.
  12. Luckys_Mux

    Luckys_Mux New Member

    Hi All, I just had an Arb 112L long range tank fitted and thought I'd share it with you as I struggled to find photos of one fitted to an mux. I have a 2016 LSU mu-x with dobinson 2 inch lift. Hopefully these photos come through! If anyone wants more photos let me know and I'll go grab some. Cost fitted was $1233 + cost of fuel to fill here in Osborne Park, Perth.

  13. monbeg

    monbeg Active Member

    New tank and in my case TJM suspension are two of best things I have done to my MUX.
    I can now travel from Adelaide to Brisbane with one fuel stop at Forbes or Parkes.

    Re the tank. In Feb I was in a remote area of the Flinders Ranges, we were using fire tracks and creek beds that are not available to the public and some of it was pretty rough and find your own way through if you can terrain.
    I wrecked the sidewall of one tyre and changed the shape of the vehicle bash plate to that of the transfer box when the vehicle weight landed on a hidden rock.

    Getting to the point, if the same sharp (and sometimes hidden) rock and stump protrusions had impacted the tank I think I would have done some serious damage so I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone that have come up with some bash plate type protection yet for the tank.
    ARB didn't have any when they fitted my tank.
  14. konazz

    konazz New Member

    Long Ranger does a 54l aux tank, thats tucked up above the spare wheel. Its steel, and no chance of snagging. It does drop the spare 50mm, but if its that rough, chuck the spare in the boot or on the roof and no chance of a tear.
  15. MUXaround

    MUXaround Member

    I've got the tradesman roof rack riveted to the roof. Had it for about 18 months now with no dramas.

    E locker was fitted about that time as well. Massive difference as far as thickness of steel used in the housing . Once you see them side by side the factory diff is quite small even compared to patrols and cruisers.
  16. MUXaround

    MUXaround Member

    Any of you muxxers gonna be at the annual vic high country trip this year? Would be good to see some other setups.
  17. chuin

    chuin New Member

    What annual vic high country trip are we talking about here?
  18. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

  19. chuin

    chuin New Member

  20. Rumstorm

    Rumstorm New Member

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