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Thank you BM.

First new car for a while, looking forward to getting it all sorted and trying to make reasoned decisions doing so.

Excuse me if I can't PM until I have reached 5 posts. I am aware of the other forum, and likely will "borrow" some inspiration from there as well.

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can anyone please let me know how to get the sd card out for the maps updates. There is a rubber flap that I pulled from the right had side. Then the sd card itself seems to be under another protector plastic bit. Should I pull the plastic bit to reveal the card or what?
new car, so a bit fiddly lest I mess up.


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OK. I have succeeded in taking the sd card out and here is the process for MUX:
1) The outer rubber/plastic flap has to be pulled out from the right hand side. After you pull the outer flap, then on the left hand side you will see a small plastic flap covering the sd card
2) now this inner flap has to be pulled out from left hand side. After you pull it, then just push the sd card and it will pop out.

Although the sd card came out, the naviextras toolbox application does not recognize it. I have plugged in the sd card using both usb and micro sd adapter but the naviextras application shows "No device is connected" message. So I am still stuck. Has anyone faced a similar issue.

Stoneys mux

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Hey guys I was wanting to make some rock sliders out of 50mm sch40 pipe. Has anyone got a pic of theirs that I can get a guide on how you mounted them? Cheers.


Hey guys I was wanting to make some rock sliders out of 50mm sch40 pipe. Has anyone got a pic of theirs that I can get a guide on how you mounted them? Cheers.
Hi Stoneys mux, I've been looking at rock slider options myself. One thing I have learnt is need to check with your insurer as to wether they will allow non airbag compliant sliders to be fitted. One option I'm looking at is TJM side step which is build rugged enough to provide some sill protection and they have a brush bar that fits to it. The brush bar can be supplied with an adaptor to fit other bull bars such as my ARB bar. I had hoped that ARB would have produced one by now as they have one for the DMax.


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Hi all big thanks to all the previous posters, your knowledge, experiences and detailed discussion has given me so much confidence in laying down the cash on a tricked out LS-U manual. Apparently it arrives at the dealers tomorrow, off to ARB before I even see it. Thanks to a very supportive wife the MUX is turning up with the following;
- Arb lockers (front on back order until they sort out a glitch - different front diff to Dmax).
- ARB bull bar - saw the prototype at Genisis last week, it looks sweet.
- 9t bushranger winch
- Isuzu snorkel, plastics, and canvas seat covers.
- GME TX3120S, Techonisha P3,
- BFG AT's on Black sunnies.

As a previous poster quoted "once it starts it never stops" ie. suspension, tank, rack, sliders, cargo barrier, draws. Outch that's that first time i have written the 'still need' list down, I didn't realise it was still so long :(

For those interested my mate at Kaymar indicates that despite what their sales team are saying expect a rear bar around June July 2015. They hand made one for Simon Christies Col7, it looked very smick.

Hi Parko, I was interested in the off set of your new black sunnies. I am looking at getting 17x8 sunnies (up from 17x7) with 265/65/17's and was wondering if I should go for a smaller offset than the standard +33. TIA Jamie


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Congrats on the new rig mate, all sounds good, except maybe that 1st oil change interval? Unless I've interpreted that wrong, 20,000km just seems a bit far for a new engine... The national average for yearly kms is 15-20,000km.. is there a time frame on the first oil change? Eg. 6months/20,000km.
JUst adding a slight buttin' in here guys. I just picked up my MUX 3 weeks ago. The first service is 3000Km or the first 6 months. Having done just over 800 k's .My Nomad's doing good.


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I wonder if they'll release an ECM pluggin like the D-Max one they have on the ISUZU Motorsport site (Sold Out) to convert the stock engine to racing tune, 195kW & 600Nm torque, shame the AISIN auto is only rated to around 470Nm I believe.
I just installed a plug in unit from Racechips, took 5 mins to fit. So she's pushing out over 200bhp with 450nm tourque!!. The really impressive part is my fuel consumption, up from 9.5 km per litre, to 10.5km per litre. An awesome upgrade, well worth the money.


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She was in for the 30k service last week, before I went I just unplugged the system cut off a couple of cable ties I was using to hold the unit in place, so there was virtually no evidence of it ever being there. No problems at all, the service was carried out at Isuzu, after I got home I just plugged it back in. I really noticed the difference in the drive to and from the dealers, without the tuning box the car felt very underpowered, even the gear change seemed not as smooth. So to answer your question, it does not effect your warranty. :)