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The only one I have seen is from Tyre Trek. It looks pretty good if you have a tow bar, but, it looks as though you are not able to use the towbar for towing once it is fitted.
Thanks for this Golfnutt57, I've been looking for a ADR approved solution. Can't believe this never turned up in a Google search. I've added to the accessory list.
Some prices on the ECB Arc winch bar with bumper lights
Isuzu MU-X ECB Alloy Bullbars Nudge Bars Bull Bars Series (11/2013 on) :

Polished $2635
Powder coat $2480

Supply only. The factory says that given the materials and construction these alloy units are as strong as steel.
Oooh... That looks nice. Looks like they maintain the inner wheel arch guards as well from the pics. Nice to see ECB expand their range. Seems ARB are the only ones dragging their feet.


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Thanks for the info, I'll chuck up a link to TOSSA (love that acronym) when I get onto my PC. I must say the ECB bar looks like a winner, I've sent an email chasing some dimension data for winches and if it has lift or recovery points. I'm not counting on recovery points as the MU-X seems to be problematical due to crumble zones I believe.


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Follow up to an earlier post of mine.

Had the bull bar fitted today. Looks better in real life than it does in some of the pics we see including the Isuzu pics.

Because it was supposed to have been fitted last week they were very apologetic and asked if I would prefer the rubber or carpet mats !
They fitted a complete set of new mats for free.

Have to say I am very impressed with the service etc that I have received.

If anyone in SA is looking at these pm me for dealer details, I would definitely recommend them based on my experience with them so far.
(they have two LST's in stock, one black and one white)

One pic, taken in poor light...


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Thats a serious looking bit of kit monbeg. Did you notice any difference in handling with the bar installed?
Didn't really, it was just a slow drive across the CBD to home though.

When I take it back for an early 3000k's check before my trip they did say that they also want to check the wheel alignment as the weight of the bar may have to be compensated for.


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It's interesting that manufacturers don't quote bull bar weights or strength ratings. ECB wouldn't talk about strength measures when I rang them. Means you're buying on faith.
I emailed them as well to get dimension details for winch compatibility and if the bar had lift or recovery points. It is odd they don't post that info as you would think it would help with sales. Also what the heck does the Stock Group A B or C mean, I couldn't find any clear reference what this refers to.


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Yes. I'm a bit puzzled as to why they've gone so big. They will though apparently do a custom job for you.

Still chasing a rumoured unit (mentioned by a Perth dealer as per an post) that keeps the spare in place.

Another option is a poly tank that lies in the rear passenger footwell.
Poly Diesel Tank Footwell - Dolium Pty Ltd)


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I can only talk of the one fitted to my D-max. The winch plate is solid steel and and mounts to the chassis with the bar mounting off this. There is no recovery points however the D-max is fitted with one and you could mount one to the winch plate if desired.

My bar has hit some banks without drama protecting the panels so has paid for itself. I did see an ECB bar mounted on a Navara that had taken a side/corner impact and the bar seemed to have suffered minimal damage c/w the front quarter panel. Also if you look at side images of the ECB vs ARB you will notice that you have a better approach because of the smaller overhang. The ARB would of course make a better picnic table.:D

Cheers for that peterfermtech. Its always nice to hear from actual owners of a product, especially in this instance as you can evaluate its performance in its intended role. Handy to know that it seems to stand up well to impacts.