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Discussion in 'MU' started by Jad308, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. monbeg

    monbeg Active Member

    Took mine for a bit of a dirt road run today, it seems to be more at home in 4H bouncing sideways on wet corrugations than it is on bitumen, handles it beautifully.
    Only had it a day and its covered in mud :)

    Can anyone tell me what the procedure is for updating the Sat Nav map data, the current database seems to be mid 2013. At the rate that roads get changed and updated on the east coast I want to make sure I have the latest before I go over there.
    I have to go back next week to get the bbar fitted, will ask someone then, just wondering in the meantime.

    Thanks All
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  2. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Satnav rates as one of the most common source of gripes among car owners so get ready to be patient ;-)

    This is my understanding FWIW: there are only two commercial suppliers of street maps, Navteq and Sensis and the dealer network will control how they are issued. I expect they will come on CD in a form that can be read by the firmware in the GPS. Then the moving map/routing program (iGo in your case? which isn't bad) has to access the map files.

    People run into problems when they want to install the maps they've sourced themselves such as specialised topo maps and vector maps - the Garmin format - and when the map update period is over and they don't want to pay the exorbitant fees for new ones.

    I gather the MU-X comes with SUNA, the real-time conditions subscription. That will need to be paid for when the freebie time is over but it's not steep. It's effectiveness depends mostly on the rules the autorouting software in the GPS uses. Some decide a diversion must involve main roads.
  3. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    You should be ok on the SUNA front: "All currently available SUNA RDS-TMC compatible devices provide ‘lifetime’ access to the service, with no more to pay for the life of the device" as per their website.

    ISUZU are still working out how they are going to handle map updates, as you've already noticed they're out of date by a bit. You can always pop out the micro-sd map memory card and see what format the files are and do a bit of googling. I might do that myself actually once the missus comes back from swimming lessons.
  4. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Check out New ISUZU MU-X Club (Thailand) you'll need the Google Chrome browser to translate the Thai, some interesting stuff in the DIY MU-X section. The translated english is very funny.
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  5. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the Thais were quick off the mark with skirts and spoilers. Not my cuppa! And ivory leather ...

    BTW Allan Whiting has 3 vids of the MU-X on YouTube.
  6. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Ahahah.. As you pointed out before, there is a ton of double sided tape chrome bling available on eBay for the MU-X and ISUZUs in general..

    It was more the technical modding I found interesting, that and the translations.

    Cheers Ziggy, I'll track down the vid links and add them to the thread.
  7. monbeg

    monbeg Active Member

    Thanks Ziggy and Jad308 for that.
    Just took it for a drive up the recently opened section of the Northern end of South Rd and the installed maps don't portray the changes.
    Will have a question for the dealer when I go in there this week, will update with the outcome.
  8. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Yep monbeg. One of those two street map providers has a rep for slow updates so the dealer may not be able to help.

    Jad, some of those translations are classic. "Mu-x's relative greeted me." Right. A mini-mux perhaps.
  9. normn

    normn Member

    Ours is going next Saturday for it's first "checkup"


  10. normn

    normn Member

    Where do you put the spare?
  11. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Roof rack, hanger on a replacement rear bar or inside.

    I'm chasing details of a WA source of an aux tank that doesn't displace the spare.
  12. Golfnutt57

    Golfnutt57 New Member

    The only one I have seen is from Tyre Trek. It looks pretty good if you have a tow bar, but, it looks as though you are not able to use the towbar for towing once it is fitted.
    Completely off subject, but, my LST has done 2000 k's and I am really enjoying it.
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  13. Dogsbreakfast

    Dogsbreakfast Member

    Can anyone tell me if the rear suspension setup is like the colorado 7? I want to fit a set of king springs and bilsteins to wifeys LST when it arrives and i can source them for the colorado, so was hoping the rears were similar but i suspect the 5 link setup on the back will require longer travel billies....
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  14. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    No it's not. See the 2nd post in this thread for suspension mods. On Bilsteins see the remainder of the thread.
  15. Dogsbreakfast

    Dogsbreakfast Member

    Spoke with Harry Suzuki today from isuzumotorsports and he is off to thailand next to finalise their range of shocks for the mu-x. Hopefully have something soon
  16. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Well thats some interesting news. I'll add that to the rumours section. I'm dying too know how you got into a conversation with Harry though.
  17. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    ISUZU Auto Transmission Slope Control

    ISUZU got back to me regarding the A/T slope control system as it wasn't explained in the owners manual.

    The Work Shop Manual refers to the feature of A/T under “Slope control “– refer below the excerpt. This feature is being controlled by the Transmission control module when travelling uphill and downhill and not specific for 4L only. We don’t have the feature similar to Toyota Prado or Land Cruiser which they called Downhill Assist Control and Hill Start assist control which can be operated only while in 4L.

    “When driving uphill, the TCM performs driving using the uphill mode to prevent repeated shifting due to speed deceleration and to obtain sufficient torque. Also, when driving downhill, the downhill mode is used to prevent up-shifting due to acceleration with accelerator off.”

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  18. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jad.
  19. Dogsbreakfast

    Dogsbreakfast Member

    Just sent him an email. He's very nice, he found the time to reply to me during finke weekend!
  20. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Awesome, especially responding during the rally. I wonder what else they maybe cooking up for the MU-X especially now that they've got a production rally car up and running.

    In regards to ISUZU Motorsport, if you buy anything from their site, they tend to chuck in a free stubby holder.

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