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Discussion in 'MU' started by Jad308, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Glad the new bus is treating you right padl0ck. The LS-T has a weird rating for the roof rails 60Kg max, that's inclusive of the racks themselves. I've got the Rhino Rack Vortex bars installed which are 5Kg so I can put 55Kg on the roof, off-road Rhino say to add a 1.5 safety factor into the rating so you drop to 40Kg if off road. I'm not sure if the 60Kg limit is because of the factory rails or ISUZU are being extremely conservative about their roof strength. Either way roof tents are out unless you are really light.

    Edit: Thanks to Matt (Ironman4x4) & Ian (underdog) see posts below for enlightening me regarding roof loadings and roof tents. Cheers.
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  2. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    I've seen luggage rack ratings on adventure (motor) bikes that are comic, and ignored successfully by many riders. It's just protect ar*se stuff by manufacturers (and outrageous in the case of one $25k model).

    Your comments Jad on a snorkel are interesting. So the extra power comes about via a 'ram air' effect? In terms of keeping the dust out of the filter I have to say that on the Forester the normal air intake is from the hollow around the wheel arch and a 6 week central Australian trip left little trace. BTW Isuzu do a snorkel too - not cheap.
  3. Ironman 4x4

    Ironman 4x4 Active Member

    I thought I'd just jump in here and clarify an element of roof ratings that is often misunderstood.

    Roof ratings that are provided by manufacturers are rated for that amount of weight when driving. I.e. you should be able to safely carry those loads when driving, both on and off-road.

    I'm inclined to agree with Rhino's advice of giving a margin if you plan to take the vehicle off-road, but I would only apply the 1.5 factor if you are going on severely corrugated/rugged roads. Your usual 4x4ing won't often put too much more strain on it.

    Now the reason I am clarifying this is because whilst overall the rails might have a rating of 60kg, what that means is that you can safely carry a roof top tent (50kg) on some light cross rails (i.e. 5-10kg) and still be within the manufacturer specified ratings. But when you setup for camp, even though you might be adding an additional 100-200kg of people up there you'll still be safe as the loads they can handle when not driving are greater.

    Hope that clears that up!


    Ironman 4x4
  4. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Thanks for that Matt. It makes sense, my only query in this instance would be factory rails for attachment as opposed to racks that fit to the roof gutters directly. If you wanted to go down a roof tent route would you be better off removing the factory rails and installing a rack system directly to the roof? I'm not sure the ISUZU supplied rails would be up to a 200kg+ static load, I'm happy to be wrong mind you.
  5. underdog

    underdog Well-Known Member

    I feel like I need to clarify here that almost all maximum load ratings for car roofs/roof racks are referring to dynamic load, NOT static load. Which means the load rating is for what stays on your roof/rack whilst you are driving, cornering, bouncing up and down or whatever else you do with your vehicle. The maximum load rating I've ever found for any vehicle's roof is 100kg. Pretty sure that means hundreds of thousands of people around the world have exceeded that rating simply by sleeping in their rooftop tents (and that's with a single occupant, let alone couples).

    My manufacturer's "roof rating" is 65kg. I have rhino HD roof bars(5kg), a canvas rooftop tent(55kg), an awning(5+kg) and I've had 150kg (2 x adults) up there with no hassles.
  6. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    The snorkel benefits as explained to me Ziggy is as you said a ram air effect, that and being up out of the dust zone. The ISUZUs are setup like the Forester with the air intake inside the driver wheel arch void. While I was waiting for our MU-X to be delivered I pestered my sales guy about the various accessories, I nearly chocked on the $1091 installed price for the ISUZU snorkel. I sanity checked this with another ISUZU dealership which turned out even dearer by a smidge. They were quoting $500 in labour alone. I think I'll wait and see if Safari need to tweek their D-Max snorkel to work in the MU-X, that or TJMs Airtec.
  7. padl0ck

    padl0ck New Member

    I did get the factory full size bar. I like that it lets me see where the end of the bonnet is! It was difficult without it to know where the front end of the car was :)
  8. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Apparently there is a spare camera input on the LS-T radio for a forward facing one, you can get to it via the source menu but obviously doesn't work without a source. I've been poking around to see if any of the Thai MU-X owners have one or if there is an after market upgrade, it would be handy to see what is going on around the front below the bonnet line.

    If i was brave enough and knew what I was doing I would pull the fascia off and have a poke around.
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  9. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks all.

    Jad do you have any idea what depth the wagon can cope with before drowning? Ie. height of air intake as well as diff breathers?
  10. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Just to add re availability of bits:

    Ryco fuel filter 28.50 on ebay
    A whole bunch of bling now listed on ebay as well, from Thailand
  11. Ironman 4x4

    Ironman 4x4 Active Member

    Hey Ziggy,

    They have a wading depth of 600mm, but lets all be clear, they won't encourage you to test that. It only takes a small wave to form in the wrong spot for it to get in your airbox and then the engine, hydolock it and .... we won't discuss the final part...

    Snorkels are a no-brainer if you ever plan to do offroading. Not only do they keep the air intake high and dry, but also provide cooler and cleaner air. This means you might get a fraction more power, and more importantly your air filter and intake will remain cleaner, longer.

    We are working on developing one at the moment.... No idea of the release date yet though.

    Diff breathers will be about mid tyre to somewhere beneath the body. I'd be extending these ASAP to high in the engine bay, but I recommend that with any vehicle. But you may find this is an issue with warranty. If it is, then I'd just change the diff oil every service after you've done a water crossing.


    Ironman 4x4
  12. monbeg

    monbeg Active Member

    Well, picked up the LS-T today. They didn't have time to fit the bar, it just arrived at midday, will get it fitted next week.

    Very happy with it especially getting it so quickly because they had it in stock. There is likely to be up to a four month delay for orders once the last few in the country are sold according to one of the service guys !

    Will pop up some picks when I get the bar on it.

    First trip will be bitumen, Adelaide, Brisbane, Noosa, Sydney and back to Adelaide in mid July so have left the standard tyres on for now.
  13. G77

    G77 New Member

    Nearly There

    Pricing up a LST. Biggest drama is the BBar. Like the look of the Ironman bar just wondering when it'll be available.
    Also wondering what roof carriers are available like the Dmax ARB style?
    Finally what are the biggest tires will fit with a lift without scrubbing the front wheel arches.
    Thanks in advance for any advice....
  14. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Awesome stuff monbeg. Must be an ISUZU thing, the parts guys failed to tell the sales guy that the towbar wasn't in stock when I went to get mine. A week later it had to go back in, and then again the following day as they forgot some rear panel clips and I'm still sure they failed to put some cover plates over the clips as well as there is a locator nub and a clean rectangle section. Hmm going to raise it as an issue at the 3000km.

    Oh make sure you do the survey from ISUZU when it comes out, I'm still waiting on mine. Apparently they send you an ISUZU branded G-Shock for your trouble.

    Enjoy the big trip, and make sure you change the speaker balance to the rear if playing DVDs otherwise you might find it distracting.
  15. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Hi G77, according to Ironman4x4 here: , their existing D-Max bar is a straight fit so it should be available now. The only rack option that I'm currently aware of is the Rhino Rack one and you can bolt whatever carrier that fits the bar onto it taking the 60Kg dynamic limit into account. As far as a dedicated carrier that either uses the existing LS-T rails or removing them and direct mounting I haven't seen anything. If you find a solution please post it here and I'll update the details in the first 2 posts of this thread.

    No idea on the tyre front I'm afraid. I'm sticking to the current supplied size currently, I only upgraded to A/Ts to replace the supplied H/T tyres.

    Congrats and good luck on getting a good price.
  16. monbeg

    monbeg Active Member

    Thanks Jad, appreciate any input. Been having a fiddle with the radio etc, have got a usb with 34 music albums on it, plugged it in to the usb port and no problem, no more cd's on the road.

    Loaded all my contacts from the iPhone in a few secs after it paired, all going to plan so far.

  17. G77

    G77 New Member

    Thanks Jad. I'll keep you updated with any info I can get. Tires I will be going some Toyo 265/70/17 AT's with a lift.
  18. Mark LSU MUX

    Mark LSU MUX New Member

    Hi, I have a pearl white LSU -MU-X with 9500 kms and I am loving it. I just found your forum and I would just like to let you know how great it is to see so much information about the MU-X in one place. I have been in contact with (pestering) ARB every week since February, trying to get them to get their products prepared for the MU-X but unfortunately the sales numbers just didn't warrant urgent development, however I am now starting to see a lot more MU-X's and it appears from this great forum that there is lots of interest. I will be keeping a keen eye on this site. Thanks Mark
  19. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Welcome Mark.

    My local ARB says the bull bar will be developed before the OME lift kit.

    Keep us posted on your experience with the 'mux'.
  20. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Hi Mark and welcome. Feel free to post any interesting tidbits you come across and I'll keep the headers posts at the start of this thread up to date.

    Hey G77 look forward to seeing pics of your lifted MU-X when you get it and your experiences with the lift and TOYO combo.

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