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MU-X 2013 -> Technical Info

Discussion in 'MU' started by Jad308, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Thought I might start a technical thread to collate any information that existing or future MU-X purchasers might find useful.

    --ISUZU MU-X Propaganda--
    Updated LS-T Model Late 2014?? - (new changes maybe)
    Garland triumphs in Isuzu MU-X
    ISUZU Motorsport MU-X 2014 Finke Desert Race Vid
    Allan Whiting MU-X Vid 1
    Allan Whiting MU-X Vid 2
    Allan Whiting MU-X Vid 3
    NRMA Drivers Seat Review of MU-X Vid
    ISUZU MU-X Heavily Outselling Colorado 7
    Isuzu Ute shoots for 15,000-plus sales
    MU-X LS-U vs Jeep Trailhawk Review

    --ISUZU Tech Advisory---
    Towbar Bolt Tension Issue - Check with your dealer if you have the factory towbar installed
    Potential oil loss through turbo - Check oil levels regularly and see your dealer if you get a sudden drop.
    Rear Seat Belt Bolts - ISUZU have issued a recall to replace bolts for the rear seat belt.
    LS-T Reversing Sensor & Trailers

    --MU-X Related Website--
    New ISUZU MU-X Club (Thailand) - This is in Thai and so you will need the Google Chrome browser to translate.
    D-Max & Colorado Forum - Might be some useful ISUZU related info to be found here.

    --Auto Transmission--
    A/T Slope Control Explained

    Alternator - 120Amps, Standard regulator on alternator not controlled by PCM.
    x3 12v Power Sockets - 120W Max (Centre Console, Top Glove Box & Left Rear Side in boot)

    Wading Depth - 600mm
    Approach (deg) - LS-M : 29.5 / LS-U & LS-T 30.1
    Departure (deg) - LS-M : 24.6 / LS-U & LS-T 25.1
    Ramp Over (deg) - LS-M : 21.9 / LS-U & LS-T 22.6
    Tow/Recovery Points rated at 2 tonne each. Using a bridle is advisable to spread load. (Info)

    --Wheels & Tyres--
    Wheel Stud Length - [Q] & [A]
    LSM Std Tyres - Bridgestone D693 A/T 245/70/R16
    LSM Std Wheels - ISUZU Alloy 16 x 7 / Steel spare
    LSU/LST Std Tyres - Bridgestone D840 H/T 255/65/R17
    LSU/LST Std Wheels - ISUZU Alloy 17 x 7 / Alloy spare
    Wheel Stud Pattern - 6 / 139.7
    Wheel Offset - +33 correct for the 16" & 17" wheels

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  2. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    MU-X 2013 -> 3rd Party Accessories

    --Accessory Rumour Central--
    Dobinsons Bull Bar - ETA Sept 2014 - (some indicative pricing)
    ARB Bull Bar - ETA TBA
    Ironman4x4 Snorkel - ETA TBA
    ISUZU Motorsport MU-X Shocks - ETA TBA
    Kaymar Rear Bar/Carrier Assembly - late 2014 - (some indicative pricing)
    Brown Davis Long Range Tank (displaces spare wheel) - ETA TBA
    Prorack / Whispbar LS-T Rails - ETA Jan 2015 (LS-U & LS-M full rack possibly to follow)

    --Bull Bars--
    TJM T13 Outback Bull Bar - (come indicative pricing)
    TJM T15 Deluxe Alloy Bull Bar - (some indicative pricing)
    ECB Bars - ECB Arc, Type 8 Bar, 76mm Nudge Bar, 76mm Series 2 Nudge Bar, ECB Arc Winch Bar - (some indicative pricing)
    Ironman 4x4 (See post below as well) (some indicative pricing)
    MCC 4x4 Accessories Bull Bars - (some indicative pricing & pic) (some detail about available models)

    Drifta MU-X Package

    --eBay Sources--
    Genuine ISUZU Accessories - Baulchs-Nissan-Kia-Isuzu
    SandGrabba Mats
    Silicone Key Covers (range of colours, make sure its the vertical ISUZU logo not horizontal)

    --Generic Fuel Tank Options--
    Dolium Pty Ltd - 40l poly tank
    Flexitank 4x4 Diesel Fuel Bladders

    --Long Range Tanks--
    Longrange Automotive 90l Auxiliary Tank (uses spare tyre space) - (some indicative pricing)
    AutoExtras Long Range Poly Tank - 124l OE replacement, does not displace spare [some info] [some indicative pricing]

    ISUZU Motorsport

    --MU-X Owner Recommended Accessories--
    Tekonsha P3 Prodigy Brake Controller - (post)
    GME TX3100 UHF Radio - Have this in the Plug N Play setup, great radio and will permanently install one day.

    --Racks & Cargo Barriers--
    Rhino Rack for LS-T
    Thule Roof Racks for LS-T
    ISUZU OE Cargo Barrier - (some indicative pricing)

    --Seat Covers / Dashmats / Cargo Mats--
    Motoquipe - Tailor Made Seat Covers
    Supertrim - Make neoprene covers for the MU-X
    Accessories Online - MU-X Dashmat
    ISUZU OE Rubber floor mat now available. Mat covers folded third row and storage box.

    TJM Airtec
    Safari Snorkel SS175HF - (see post)

    --Suspension Mods--
    Dobinsons 45mm Lift Kit
    Ironman 4x4 (See post below as well)
    EFS 4WD Suspension
    Australian Suspension Supplies (Tough Dog Shocks & Springs) - 4x4Earth member pricing, PM Croozer for details.
    Superior Engineering - Dobinsons & EFS kits and parts
    Performance Engineering - Front Diff Drop Kit

    --Towbars & Related--
    Tyre Trek - Towbar mounted tyre carrier, with Jerry Can, HiLift, Shovel & Light Options - (some indicative pricing)
    Towbars Perth (WA) - Hayman Reese Class 4 - Bolt Torque Requirements

    --Underbody Guards--
    TJM - Sump, Transmission & Front Underbody

    CSA MU-X compatible - The MU-X has dropped off their list, DMax 2013+ recommendations should be applicable however.
    Speedy Wheels Wheel Magician - Has the MU-X in their database. Shows RRP & Stock levels.

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  3. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    It suffers from a tiny fuel tank and fairly low gvm, especially compared with the Ute it is based on
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  4. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    The GVM isn't too bad 690kg of load capactiy, not as good as the D-Max admittedly but then we can't carry seven people in one of those. It's a shame they couldn't fit a bigger tank for sure, but we get around 8.6l per 100km for driving around the city and on our recent caravan trip towing a Jayco Expanda 16.49 we averaged 10.9l per 100km. If you bought one of these and were doing regular long range runs then sacrificing the spare space for an aux tank would be a must. Still early days, I'll be keeping tabs on the various 4WD after market suppliers and updating this thread as new products emerge.
  5. Golfnutt57

    Golfnutt57 New Member

    Hi Guys.
    Agreed that the tank is a little small, but, if you need extra there is already an after market auxillary tank on offer ( see link ). I must admit 600+ ks urban is pretty good from the standard tank. I hope to see the towing mileage for myself soon.

    NEW!! Isuzu M-UX 90lt Aux Tank

    As for the GVM comment - I suppose it all depends on what you want to carry vs what you want to tow. Personally the 600 odd kilos payload is far more than I need.
  6. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Good move Jad.

    Re suspension kits, Ironman and EFS have released them or the makings. Nothing yet from Dobinson. Old Man Emu is in development; it will come after the ARB bullbar for the MU-X has been released. Bilstein rear shocks can be produced using a modified base unit @ around $850 per pair trade (contact Fulcrum Suspension, Preston Melb.).

    Cheers from a new owner.
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  7. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

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  8. Ironman 4x4

    Ironman 4x4 Active Member

    Hey Guys,

    Just came across this thread and thought I'd give you an update on Ironman 4x4 gear for the MU-X.

    We've now confirmed that our Dmax bar is 100% compatible with the MU-X, infact even our templates will work perfectly, and it lines up great!


    Additionally we have suspension all sussed out:

    Isuzu MU-X 2013+ Suspension Kit - STD Height with Gas Shocks - HOLD020SKG - $880
    Isuzu MU-X 2013+ Suspension Kit - STD Height with Foam Cell Shocks - HOLD020SKF - $1012
    Isuzu MU-X 2013+ Suspension Kit - Performance with Gas Shocks - HOLD020BKG - $880
    Isuzu MU-X 2013+ Suspension Kit - Performance with Foam Cell Shocks - HOLD020BKF - $1012
    Isuzu MU-X 2013+ Suspension Kit - Constant Load with Gas Shocks - HOLD020CKG - $880
    Isuzu MU-X 2013+ Suspension Kit - Constant Load with Foam Cell Shocks - HOLD020CKF - $1012

    Performance and constant load give a 40mm lift. Fitting is extra.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    The bar looks good Ironman.

    Are the shocks made in China?
  10. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Thanks Ironman 4x4 for the heads up about your MU-X developments. I've updated the links at the top of the thread.
  11. Ironman 4x4

    Ironman 4x4 Active Member

    Hey Ziggy,

    Yes our shocks are made in China. But they are designed and developed in Australia (in our Dandendong Office). Keep in mind, overseas development has no bearing on the quality of our shocks as they get built to the exact specifications, designs etc that we provide them.

    If you have any questions about it mate, please feel free to give me a yell!
  12. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

  13. xtrailer

    xtrailer Member

    Any information in regards to servicing costs for the MU-X. Mainly consumable parts such as fuel and air filters and lubricants etc.
  14. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    $1400 quoted for a Dobinson suspension kit, fitted. Aussie springs; the shocks would have to be Chinese.

    D also do a shmick colour-matched bull bar for the D-Max; I have a query in about MU-X plans. The detailed flyer on their website is close to illegible.

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  15. monbeg

    monbeg Active Member

    Folks, a few questions. I am taking a LS-T for a test drive with 'er indoors' on board tomorrow morning and as usual everyone I tell has got an opinion but none of them have got or have driven an MU-X.

    I have been told that there are issues with the radio/gps system in the top of the range Dmax, in one case an owner is on his fourth installation in just over a year (i am not sure what the problems were though).

    The questions (all relate to the LS-T)...
    1. What make is the radio etc installation and is it the same as the top of the range Dmax ?
    2. Has anyone had or is aware of issues with the radio etc. ?
    3. Is this statement from the site below correct re the Hema maps ?
    2013 Isuzu MU-X First Drive and Review |
  16. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Can't help with 1or 3. 2 - no & have done a lot of web research. But there's no obvious forum.

    My dealer has sold 60 of all models with no warranty claims at all. YMMV.
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  17. monbeg

    monbeg Active Member

    Thanks Ziggy.
  18. Croozer

    Croozer Well-Known Member

    Will be interesting what gear I can set up at work! Will look at King coils and foam cells. Should be able to do a great deal on quality equipment! Will have to get these lift kits up on our store asap. Looks like a lot of interest in the MU. Dobinsons aren't top of the range and be careful of Chinese shocks :eek:
    Im going to be a busy boy after the long weekend ;)
  19. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    Hi Monbeg,

    We've had our LS-T for almost 8 weeks now and have not encountered any issues.

    1: The radio/gps system look almost identical except no DVD playback in the D-Max I believe. To best of my knowledge after trawling the web the unit is manufactured by Clarion for ISUZU. Currently ISUZU are formulating how they are going to supply updates for the GPS side of the unit.

    2: Nope no issues.

    3: The unit apparently has approx 10K offroad tracks on board, I've never seen any indication these were supplied by HEMA. The GPS does use SUNA for its realtime traffic and accident reporting, although I think its a bit iffy as its always reporting accidents in the same location after several weeks.

    The LS-T comes supplied with Bridgestone D840 Highway Terrain tyres. If you intend to go offroad on a regular basis try and get them swapped to an A/T tyre or M/T if you're going hardcore offroad. I got ours fitted with Bridgestone D697 Light Truck tyres and they are proving to be excellent so far off road and very quiet on road. The MU-X is a great off roader and extremely fun to drive. Don't expect a sedan experience however as it is still very much rooted in it's D-Max heritage, just better mannered.
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  20. Jad308

    Jad308 Member

    None yet. Ours is almost ready to go in for its 3000km checkup so I'll ask the service & parts guys.

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