Mt Terrible Hut Rebuilt


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The picnic area has added a whole new dimension to the site hasn't it!?
Yes mate, the difference is awesome with a bit of clearing in the front yard ;)
And having it Rocked off so people can't drive in the picnic area has made it even better :)


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Im confident that it will be well looked after . As a regular user of the area It really highlights it to no end for all to enjoy something unique :)


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Awesome work.

Spooner that look out over Eildon is Magnificent I have a photo from that same spot about 8 years ago


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Hi Neat 60, mate that is fantastic work from all of you.
Having spent 14 winters in the NSW snowfields I can appreciate how these huts throughout the alp's were such a major life line to the pioneers of the day & later the adventurers.
I know first hand what it feels like to be out in the middle a blizzard thinking how great it would be to just have a tiny shelter to park yourself till it all blows over.
I actually have never been to any of these huts but know a bit of there history, I was lucky enough to once to fly via chopper over various areas of the alp's during a winter & seeing some of these huts under full winter conditions & how important these shelters are.

I hope this is not inappropriate but as a matter of interest I would like to throw in this link so you can have a look into the history of some of the life saving shelters.


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Fantastic to see the Terrible hut rebuilt, i have just got back from being overseas for about 9mths since Aug Last Yr and looking forward to getting upto Big River area again and heading up to check it out.


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Got up to Mt Terrible hut yesterday through a smattering of snow to find a hut with a small fire going in the pot belly and the hut warm and snug. When the clouds cleared the views over to Buller / Stirling and the bluff all covered in snow were magnificent. We were going to descend to Big River to have some lunch but we decided to prepare lunch in the warmth of the hut and threw a couple of logs on the fire. What a great hut rebuild. Well done to all involved.

Stan Mitchell

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Love the pictures and the pot belly.
Question, when the weather is a bit warmer and drier, could I get there with my Kluger and if so, which track to get in?
Grant and myself would like to go there. He has a Delica and I have the Kluger. I already know the Kluger is good in the mud.

Neat 60

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Hi Stan,
In the dry your Kluger should be ok heading in via Mt Terrible Tk - don't attempt any other way. Whilst there I have seen Subaru's, X Trail's and a Rav. Even saw this thing 2 weeks ago in the wet

Yep that's a Hyundai Accent and trust me we were laughing harder than they were :D