Mt Mee


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Took the family out for a look around on Sunday after the rain. We took the new Sube and I must have forgot to tell the Boss that the K-Break Western escarpment track wasn't sealed when we discussed going to the Somerset Lookout :)
I needn't have worried, the little beasty is built for that sort of thing. The view from up there was very good, looking over Lake Somerset and Wivenhoe. Glad we werent down there in ski boat city - they looked like ants. We came home via the southern tourist road back into Dayboro.
I was thinking about modding her car a little bit but I think I'll keep it bog standard. We already have a 4wd, and I'd be somewhere pretty silly to need mods. Highway tyres, full pressure on wet clay tracks and I'm not sure it even spun a wheel such is traction control these days. I think a beach run will be next just to say we have. Only took one pic.