Mt Mee - open and conditions?


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I'm thinking of going up to Mt Mee tomorrow and do some easy tracks, hoping to end up near one of the lakes and see for myself how full they are at the moment.

Anyone have any idea of the conditions of the tracks, and whether the easy ones are open? Bear in mind that while I'm going with a mate, he drives a new Forester and will be taking things very easy - no bogs or deep fords :)

Many thanks!
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Most of the tracks are easy to medium but in the far north of the forest are some difficult tracks. They have closed many good tracks from 4x4's but the bikers go around the gates.


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Thanks for that. I didn't end up getting that far out due to not being able to get out of Brisbane before it was already getting quite late into the morning.

I did end up going up for a drive up Mt. Glorious and Nebo. Couldn't find any tracks, so other than going down some dirt side roads the most interesting bit was taking the goat track which is completely unchallenging but resulted in some great views. Good thing I did, too - I came across a guy in a new and now not-so-pristine Rav 4 who had blown a tyre and slid (gently) into a tree. He couldn't use his jack because of a lack of a good surface so I helped him out. Good thing I did because he'd been passed by several other people, none of whom had stopped to help him out.

The track is one way, not that it stopped a couple of utes coming the other way at speed, which made for a few interesting moments.