Mt Fitton to Beverly Uranium Mine track


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I'm planning of spending several days at Mt Freeling Station and was thinking of taking the short cut track through the mountain range from Hamilton Creek to the Beverly Uranium Mine , Paralana Hot Springs to Arkaroola and would like any current feedback / information of the condition of this track and any advise in some detail on previous experience on obstacles that have been encountered on the way through

The new manager of Mt Freeling Station has no knowledge of this track and cannot advise nor can Doug Sprigg from Arkaroola on its current condition as he hasn't been through there in many years himself , he called it the old prospectors mine track through the Mawson Plateau via Hidden Valley and due to heavy rain down pours in the last few years expects severe track deterioration and cannot recommend safe vehicle access through there , and as its a disused track in a remote part of the Northern Flinders one wrong move can get you in serious trouble with no assistance near by , hence why i'm inquiring

The only decent information available on this track is the trip report on this forum from 2016 " Farina to Arkaroola via a short cut "
( which i thoroughly enjoyed reading ) otherwise there nothing current to refer too

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Travelled that way Aug. last year.. The track from Mt. Freeling was really easy going and the scenery to me magic. A lot of people camp on the creek about 20k. further on towards Moolawatana, another great camp site and has walking tracks. The road continues and is extremely good being miming country all the way to Beverly. From here the mine has a private road heading south and you continue on the old track that is ok but rocky and slower going. We did pass a caravan heading towards us on this section.

You will come out at the Rangers station in the Gammon ranges and just past that you turn right to Arkaroola.
We travelled on our own, took in the scenery and keping speed down is my secret to enjoying my time away.

After saying all that there, has been a lot of rain out that way lately and everything could be completely different.

However i would do it again now if i was going that way.

Enjoy your trip..


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Thanks Ian thats excellent track feedback , when i spoke with Arkaroola i got the feeling that they were politely trying to deter me from driving any track that enters the Arkaroola Protected Area
Did you visit Terrapina Springs Waterhole or Wallaby Hut ? this area is very busy with bush walkers as they have many base camp areas set up and documented on their topo maps there is a purpose built rain water tank for the walkers at the Yudnamutana Mine Ruins on Mt Freeling station to top up water supplies if required

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Yeorgos.........We didn't go to the water hole or the hut as we had to get back home before we were locked out with border restrictions..

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You can drive to Terrapinna waterhole from where the track crosses, 200m to 300m.
It'd be VERY unlikely to see bushwalkers there, slim chance, but there's plenty of room in the creek bed anyway.
You'll probably be aired down enough (to do the slow tracks already) for the sand, but it might be soft in places so be prepared to air down some more as needed.

The folk at Moolawatana are great people, hope they are still kicking along ok.
We walked through there a couple of times over the years, inc a return plane trip from Cameron Cnr to Moolawatana airstrip with Doug Sprigg (Arkaroola) to pick up a vehicle left there.
The station folk had tea and scones ready, picked us up from the strip down the road.

It's a nice track from The Strz to pick up that back road.