Mrs Rum’s 2018 Dual Cab Hilux Rugged X

Mrs Rum

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Some of you may already know me but for those who don’t, I’m going to save a lot of typing by referring to a couple of previous posts by my late husband, Pete (Mr Rum)....

Our love of 4WD’ing started here...
and I lost my other half in a tragic accident in August 2018, and you can get the gist of that here.

Ok now that’s taken care of....

Now, the Hilux was written off in the accident and that left me with my baby’s Astra that we had bought in July.... and after Pete’s funeral I went awol out to Uluru and back in a ten day period.... the fuel economy was great and I averaged under 6L/100kms, using a total of $450 for the round trip. However, it wasn’t the best vehicle to load with the swag, fridge and everything else I usually pack into the Hilux for this kind of venture.


I have been slowly cleaning things up and needed a Ute to go to the tip, again the Astra not the best vehicle for the job... so a mate mentioned that he knew of a 2001 Holden SS with a fair bit of engine work that was for sale...... uh oh..... safe to say, I bought a new toy.... mainly because I had the shits I couldn’t go to the tip...

I also forgot how therapeutic it can be to take a V8 for a spin... :D


But that didn’t fix my main problem.... I still didn’t have an off road vehicle.... I have been looking at different options for months but I wasn’t sure of my budget..... a few things changed this week and I felt like I could take action.....

It felt very bizarre to only be considering my needs and not having Pete to fight with about wanting a dual cab, but I had to make a decision and I feel as though I have chosen the best suited vehicle for me and my needs.

I went to Toyota Gregory Hills with a mate on Thursday lunchtime with my heart set on the Rugged X.... they had one in Graphite (which Pete would be furious with me for, but it felt right to go opposite), test drove it and when a vehicle feels like home.... that’s a good sign!

It was down to price..... on special for $63,500.... down to $61,500 for a few minor hail dints in the roof..... I was pondering and then I decided if they’d give me $15k for the Astra, I was in.

The valuer walked over...... he had valued the SS when Pete and I bought the last Hilux and he reminded me that his parents used to live near us and remembered our matching gold utes and numberplates.... I filled him in and he was sorry to hear the news.....

A little while later he came back and offered an $18k trade in on my 5 month old Astra with 17,000kms on it.


Bye Astra, helloooo Hilux!



I picked it up on Friday afternoon..... have to take it back to get my slimline weathershields and soft tonneau.... have to say I am seriously considering a hard lid as well.... because I’m a girl and seriously, in winter - I cannot stretch the soft tonneau back out to put on! :rolleyes::D

I was convinced to get out and have a play with it yesterday, which I loved although I have to say it was an emotionally charged day.... I think that was to be expected.


So my new rig is already dirty, I absolutely love it. I have a massive to do list, but I love that it comes ready to do some basic stuff.

It will be challenging for me to get her up and running the way I want, especially without Pete to help research and install everything but I’ve been re-reading his build thread for the old girl and I’m getting my head back around things.

Question 1..... which winch?! :oops:


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Congratulations on the new purchase! Lots of fun to be had I'm sure!, there's a winch thread over in general 4x4 I think it outlines who's likley to support you and who's not.


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Love it, that's a very nice Lux. I hope you get heaps of fun from it. Happy and safe traveling.
I would recommend 2 winches , first a budget winch cheap as chips and good for the $$ Aldi.
2nd which is what I now have after finally killing my Aldi winch, which for the record was me not the winch that caused the failure, Runva, more expensive but good service , warranty and performance.


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Hi Jen, glad to hear you are back with the Earth crew.
You picked yourself up a couple of rippa vehicles. Very jealous, well maybe not of the Toyota ;)
Have a look at the winch thread linked above but my recommendation would be the Runva.
Just yell if you need anything else.


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New rig looks brilliant Jen , I'm sure Pete would love it . :)
Wish i had know you were buying a new vehicle as i just gave away a new Aldi winch.......o_Oo_Oo_O
Cant wait to get out for a spin with you.


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that's you all over well done mate, suits to a tee. with the winch your a big girl now ! capable to make your own choices i'm sure you know the drill, research, that way you know what you got and how easy it is for you to use, choice is the only true freedom we have. you have made good ones so far, keep going. hope to see you on the tracks soon.

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In the meantime, I’ve had my UHF and aerial fitted today.... I chose a GME XRS and a RFI aerial combo so I can flick between a car park aerial and a travelling one :) and in a knock down mount so I can fold them down easily, to the side across the sports bar.

I just have to pick a spot and mount the hand piece. :) GME also do a little port that goes in one of the switch spots (I’m sure that’s not the technical term, oh well). I like it.








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Looks good!

Let us know where you end up mounting the radio, dads is still sitting in the cup holder for the same reason, hard to find a good spot