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It is now five years since Mr RUM ~ signed off from 4X4Earth, he is still prominent in my memory and even more so when I am 'out and about'.
I was wandering through the folds of ancient land that makes up the Ophthalmia Range, just north/west of my home base and took the track in towards a prominent geological structure, a pinnacle named ~ MR RUM ~ in memory of Peter Robert Brett who was a modern day adventurer.
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Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting the man but conversed with him on here & got a lot from his posts as I had just gotten into 4 wheel driving & still come across a lot of his comments & old posts even now.

I know he was highly respected by all here & very knowledgeable.

I actually watched his service online which I think Mr's Rum gave us the link for & even though I didn't know him personally I had tears in my eyes throughout.

RIP Mr Rum

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