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Very sorry to hear Jen. Condolences to you and your family. Thank you for informing us here on the forum, if there's anything you think someone on here can help with, let us know.

I'd only briefly met Pete at some of the gatherings in previous years, but had spent some time with him out fishing and at camp earlier this year at the SA gathering. Quite a different personality/history to myself, however it was easy to consider him a friend, as others had said, that was the effect he had on people, he will be missed by many.

Photo by Rick (Spooner) on the day.


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I have been numb all day . I spoke to Pete last night he was up on the summit of Mt Sarah , we were both laughing about how he had spent the last 6 hrs winching to get up there . He said " I'm wet from my waist down from winching in 1.5m of snow all day " (with a few swear words included) and he was pissed off that his new waterproof boots weren't f##cking waterproof . Anyone that knew Rummy felt his enthusiasm for travelling off road and that he was a genuine great bloke who was always happy to have a chat . I pulled out of the trip on Sunday as my car was in the workshop and couldn't attend , we did a trip up there 3 weeks ago with the intension of making it through to Dargo but with time against us we turned around . Pete was determined to finish our trip and make it through for a cold beer at the other end . He will be sadly missed amongst our family here at earth and my love and condolences to Jen , Steve and his family and friends.
Rest in Peace brother .


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@Mrs Rum I am completely shattered. I have never met him but got to know him well on the forum. One does not need to meet someone in person to get to know them. A conversation is good enough.
My deepest condolences.
If there is anything I can do to help you and the family get through this difficult time, please let me know.


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Dear Jen. Just opened up this thread as I have been off for a couple of days. Funny that, I can't stop crying as I type.
Jen, last year in March Rosemary and I camped at Wrights bay for the Annual SA trip. A short time later, Pete pulled up and camped opposite us in his Van. He had travelled a long way to get there and he enjoyed the roast that he cooked in his little oven while travelling.
He was so keen to make something for the rest of the camp, so he cooked up the biggest pot of Chilli Concarni I had ever seen. On the first night, around our communal campfire, he brought it out with Avocado, sour cream and corn chips. He went around everyone with plates, whatever, and we absolutely scoffed it.
Over the next couple of days you would see Pete going around the camp and having a good yarn with everyone he could get hold of.
I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet him and listen to his stories.
Today I visited my eldest son's grave for his birthday and biting my lip I managed not to cry for once as it has been a few years now.
I found it so hard to tell my Rosemary about Pete that I just broke down. Maybe it was like a son had passed. Sorry Jen. I will pray for you to have the strength to carry on and will remember Pete forever.
Wish I had met you too.
RIP Pete.


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I never got to meet Pete in person either apart from enjoying his company on this forum.
It is testament to the type of bloke he is to see the positive responses posted here, many from others like like me who never had the pleasure of meeting him in person.
I felt numb when I read this thread, my condolences to you and your family Mrs Rum


So we don't do very many 4WD send offs, but the last one we did was for Mal. We all gathered and did the one of his favourite tracks. The guys took his mother down the track, which was actually really funny because about 4 cars got bogged. She loved it and we could all see Mal looking down having a big old laugh at all of the recoveries going on. We then nailed his hat up on a tree.
It was a really good send off.
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Many years ago when Barcher and I made our very first trip into the outback I can remember falling in love with the spinifex which I do, still to this day. Whenever I get a chance to see spinifex I know Iwill always think of you guys on your adventure on the Talawana Track.
Condolences Jen, and to your families.


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All Pete was looking forward to doing last night was warming up his cold feet in front of a campfire, I’d love to give him one last campfire (NSW style of course)....

If anyone was able to help me do something, I’d appreciate it. I don’t know the status of the Hilux yet but I may be without vehicle.

That’s as far as my thoughts had gone.

Thank you @Patriot