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Hi Guys,

Most of you would have known or met my husband, Pete also known as MR RUM or just RUM.

It is with the deepest sadness and disbelief that I share with you the new of his involvement in a car accident in the Victorian High Country last night in which the authorities were unable to save him.
The police article is available here for those who would like more details:

He treasured his involvement in 'Earth' and made many wonderful, like-minded friends.

I don't know what else to say except he will be missed very much by his family and friends.
I hope it's okay that I've made this post.

I will post funeral details when they are available.


Stunned and heartbroken to say the least.
He was a very much loved part of our family here at Earth. Part of the furniture around camp, so full of love for life, so much enthusiasm for travel.
To say he will be missed is such an understatement.
To you Jen, and all family members, our deepest sympathies.
I will be having a few rums tonight in his honour.
Miss you mate.


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RIP Pete

He was always happy, always smiling, loved his wife, rum, Australia and photography. That's how I will remember him.
I dont think I will ever have a rum and not think of him, it was his trademark.

Anything that you need @Mrs Rum please don't hesitate to ask the 4x4earth family.


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Totally lost for words!
This is very sad news & a realistic reminder & wake up call to all that things can & do go horribly wrong even to the most experienced of four wheeler s ,
my deepest sympathy & condolences to all of Pete's family & friends.
Rest in peace MR RUM I loved following your adventures & browsing through all of your pictures


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My deepest condolences to you Jen and all your family.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Pete but I thoroughly enjoyed reading of yours and his adventures and chatting with him online.
Best wishes and stay strong. Reach out if things start to get overwhelming for you.


@Mrs Rum I am so sorry to hear of your loss.
Pete was a great guy to be sitting around the campfire with and we will all miss him.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

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Words escape me...
Firstly Jen, so sorry for your loss... I am sure I speak for all in the forum... If you need someone to talk to reach out.

I loved reading what Pete did, his trip reports and his philosophy of just getting out there and doing it, his trips, his reports and his attitude will continue to inspire for years to come... Just wish I could have shared some adventures with him.

Shane Cheney

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Pete touched many lives. He was a true inspiration to so many.
His passing has totally shocked me, and I've never felt such sorrow and loss hearing this news.
I first met Pete on a NSW Utes cruise down to the 'gong in early 2004, even before we all got so involved with Utez. More recently, I asked him advice on 4wd's etc, and he got me in touch with 4x4 Earth.
He was a character and a mate, who will be sorely missed by everyone who had the great fortune of knowing him.
I can't imagine what your going through at the moment Jen, but we're all here for you and both your families.
God, I haven't stopped crying all day!
I will be raising a few rums to a great Australian tonight.....
Lest We Forget......
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While iv never been lucky enough to meet you Jen i have been fortunate enough to do a few trips with Rumbo. Great bloke and always the life of the party , always jovial and a real passion for travel and the outdoors.

May his soul rest in peace at the big off road playground in the sky.

4x4 earth is abit lesser of a place today knowing he is no longer with us but will always be part of our off road family. :(:(:(