Mr Alpaca - My New Friend

99pc chimpanzee

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Spooner,Dno67,you've got me thinking about why Alpacas do all their number two's all in the one spot,maybe it makes it easier for them to single out the scent of their predators?..Geez if their got the bollocks to take down a donkey,theres definitely a right side of the fence to be on.


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Hello,nice vid,i feel the need to inform you if you weren't aware your new friend has a secret weapon and its deadly accurate from a good 10 metres,if you get hit,you will stink like nothing youve ever known,the phlegm is putrid,anyhoo heres a video to makes us all laugh
Love the funny video :D
Yes we were aware of what they can do. Before the video was taken we played it safe until we were sure he had no problem with our presence.