MQ Triton Lift Wheel Alignment Troubles

Lifted the front end of my MQ Triton on the weekend 40mm. Took it in to get a wheel alignment today, he said it was way off. Now drives straight but standing back and looking front on it looks like the tyres are perched on their outer edges. Which looks like its just going to scrub out the outer edge of the tyre before anything.

Anyone else have similar issues, ideas, or suggestions? This cant be normal surely?

Ill grab a photo before it gets dark and try upload it.



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Did you measure how much it actually lifted over standard (generally hub or rim edge to guard, after - before)
Might need aftermarket upper control arms, wheel alignment shop should be able to tell you where it was off.

Also consider another opinion, may be they just dont know what they are doing - was it a tyre shop or a wheel alignment specialist?
I only measured how much it lifted after putting the bullbar/winch on not from standard. So the aftermarket ones are just longer arms? Maybe thats why the control arms were so hard to put back in after putting the new struts in hahaha. Thought i was just doing something wrong. And thought they would'a told me when i bought the suspension if i needed new control arms when putting it in?

Yeah definitely not specialists I don't think. I've heard good things about beaurepairs from a mate tonight, they got a 30 grand machine and specialise in it, might take it there. Im just real dirty on a wasted 70 bucks. Was hoping all was normal, its hard to see in a photo hence why i didnt put one up.


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Also consider another opinion, may be they just dont know what they are doing - was it a tyre shop or a wheel alignment specialist?
Lean towards this. Maybe they don't know how to adjust camber.
40mm lift should not be enough to cause this issue if everything is adjusted properly.
Alright, bugger. Ill give someone else a ring tomorrow and get it in there. Should I be looking for someone with some experience with suspension also or will somewhere like beaurepairs be able to analyse a problem?


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was it a tyre shop or a wheel alignment specialist?
Take it to a 4WD wheel alignment specialist .
With a 40mm lift if done correctly , over time with wheel rotations every 10 k , the wear should be bias to the inside edge with the outer edge fine.
Most car only places have no idea on 4wd alignment . And don't complain if they want $100 to do it .
Also buying suspension on the cheap and fitting it yourself doesn't help really you save $$$ in the long run ;)
What did you do with the back end ?
Any ideas on 4wd wheel alignment specialists? No one in Bendigo claims they specialise in 4wds that i know of. Pedders?
If its done properly or the problem diagnosed I dont care if its 100. But when its 70 dollars for nothing at all, thats why im pissed.
yep, thats beginning to dawn on me, I ahd a mate that assured me he knew what he was doing and it was an easy job, with the company selling me the suspension telling me the struts is all i need.
The back has remained standard for now but shocks are going in as soon as money frees up from the front. It sets almost level with how it is atm so dont want to lift the rear too much.


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No one in Bendigo claims they specialise in 4wds that i know of. Pedders?
I live in Maldon , i use ARB Bendigo , you also have TJM and Harrison's 4x4 .
Really I would talk to them 1st , but save up the $$ 1st to get the back end done .
Its never going to be right until its all the same 2" lift front and rear ;)
You are wasting your money until you do this 1st.
PM me anytime mate .
I deliver to TJM all the time, I'll have a chat to him tomorrow and see what he says.
Im just a little worried the back will be sitting extremely high if i lift it the same as i did the front.
Appreciate the replies and the advice. Will hit ya up with a PM if need be, cheers.


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Best thing you can do is work out how much weight you want to put on it .
Then you can tailor the springs to suit . Makes a world of difference :)
Also worth noting, there’s not a whole lotta travel on the mq front end from factory. Should look normal with a 40mm lift though.


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I would be suspect on the wheel alignment I think. Some places just do a "toe n go".
They could have not set it up right. They are only as good as they are set up. If a sensor head is out the machine usually picks it up, but not always. Ive seen plenty of mistakes.
They could have selected the wrong vehicle.
If the vehicle wasnt inspect then its obvious to the operator and on the printed paper you should have received. There should be no reason why it wasn't inspec with that size lift. If for some reason it wasn't the guy should have told you and then you buy a kit to get it back into spec.

Its not a "hard game", so any monkey should be able to do it right, shouldn't need to see a "specialist", if they do wheel alignments then they are a "specialist". But then again tyre fitters never adjust your tyre pressures to the correct specs. Its 44psi for everyone. So maybe wheel aligners are the same.

Make sure car is empty, full of fuel is best. Atleast some fuel anyway, not empty. Tyres adjusted correctly, like spot on. Take it to them like that. Watch if they even attempt to adjust the tyre pressures. If the dont do this, I would question the end result (what else didnt they do right). Thats like the golden rule, part of the fundermentals. Tyre pressures need to be spot on (and they will be because you set them) They should know and have been taught this.
Alright so just got a second opinion after work today from a reputable company who own and deal with 4wds. He said they are adjusted (negatively or positively, cant remember which) as once the coils bed in it should come in relatively perfect, or when any weight is put on it, it should do the same.
He recommended leaving it for a couple weeks and seeing what happens and how it goes and to bring it back then if need be but not until its done a few k's and the coils bed in.

So for now, all is well, but will see how things go after 2 or 3 weeks. Or even the w.e as i'll be out and about 4wding.

As always i appreciate the help guys. Im a worry wart when it comes to me ute, always want it spot on!


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Decent coils won't settle and certainly not in 2 weeks and definetley not enough to induce negative camber. The mq has eccentric camber bolts in the lower control arms and at 30-40mm lift there's plenty of adjustment to bring them into spec. You don't need upper control arms you just need someone who knows how to align... That's not a tyre shop. A suspension specialist or decent 4x4 mob will know.

If you measure from your wheel arch to the centre of the wheel hub I can tell you what your actual lift is. As said above MQs don't have much front end travel and certainly at 40mm your either almost touching or already on droop bump stop, I fitted shorter stops which helps free up some droop but my upper control arms only miss my struts by approx 2mm now so it's a very fine line.
B E A Utiful, a mq owner reply.
So in saying that who aligned your suspension etc?
I measured from the bottom of my rim to the centre wheel arch before a lift and it measured 730mm. After replacing the struts it came to 775mm. (barely a lift if you ask me(from standard anyway..)).
Shorter bump stops were mentioned but not recommended, as i asked about them. Can you shed any more light on bump stops for me? Or even what sort of suspension company you went to? I feel like this company may have been well short of knowledge to sell suspension and to be fair, im even shorter of knowledge hence relying on the "professionals".
Im also installing 265/75r16 once the suspension is sorted so want to get it right before i go any further... Do you mind if i PM you?



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I'm from the auto trade originally so I fitted my own as I always do. Shorter stops could be negative in certain situations but for me the negatives were of little concern, essentially by adding 10mm extra in the bump stop clearance you get more like 20 mm drop at the wheel as it's at a ratio of approx 1 to 2 so it makes a significant difference if you offroad.
I have used my local pedders for all alignments for myself and my customers back in the auto days since 1997... You hear a lot of shit about them but my local guys have always done the best alignments bar none. They're not the cheapest by any stretch but doing it right the first time absolutely saves money.

With your suspension measurements get in the habit of doing hub to guard as it's not affected by different tyre or rim sizes and makes comparison to other cars perfectly accurate.

Feel free to Pm but asking here could help others.
Well you're a whole lot more mechanically minded then me haha.

Okay, so how much shorter did you go with your bump stops? Having also fitted the front myself did you have trouble with the original bump stops or re-aligning the upper control arm? All fitted but seemed a little odd when doing so which worried me for starters.

So this extra bit of clearance from the bump stops would help with flex and wheel clearance/ lack of bigger tyres scrubbing? Anything else?
Pedders were my initial thought after troubles arised but was worried due to the fact i never went through them in the first place and dont like the thought of being ripped off coz theyd be fixing another companies suspension type thing.. Quality and right the first time is what im after, saves coin in the end!

Kept it here for future Mq owners, can hopefully learn from me haha