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This is my 55th video!
If you haven't watched any of my other videos check them out,
oh it's #Movember and to help celebrate this amazing organisation I'm hosting a charity 4WD/Camping trip.
Following a 140 kilometre water course from Tenterden down to Owingup Swamp before ending up at the ocean at Irwin Inlet.
This road trip is roughly 1000kms from Perth to Perth and highlights include: The town of Tenterden.
Multiple river crossings (bridges), Camping, beers and awards night at Miller’s Basin Campsite Ending the following day at the shoreline of Irwin Inlet.

At camp there will be prizes for the best mo's and possibly shaving the heads of any bloke who "forgot" to grow a dodgy looking moustache!
I'm in the process of finding prizes for "best in show mo', "seediest mo" "best driver", "best balls up" and "MVP" awards for the trip.
Let me know if you're keen on coming along, the donation towards mens health will be just $20 but if you would like to donate more you are obviously more than welcome. For more details head here: https://mobro.co/14012362?mc=1