Mounting Large Toolbox to Draw Bar


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Wondering of anyone has mounted a large (high) toolbox to the draw bar of a box trailer and had issue with it twisting? Bought a 1480mm x 800mm x 520mm toolbox for my trailer. It's a decent quality one being 3mm checker plate, just don't want the welds to start cracking when taking it on dirt roads.

Its mounted solid to the draw bar but thinking I may need add a couple of fixing points through to the trailer box with an 80mm spacer in between.
Anyone have any experience with high toolboxes on draw bars?


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I’d leave it as is, just base fixed. If you fix the back also, any flex the drawbar has in isolation from the trailer body will be transferred into the new box and it will crack faster.


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What Cam said ^^^^ besides if you were mounting that box on any other vehicle it would only be through the base so why would you need more in this situation?