Most practical and space efficient cooking setup?


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I've used the Coleman 533 for years now,it takes Shellite or Unleaded.

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I have two of those now, bit of a pain to fill up, but otherwise you do not have to worry about gas cylinders, jsut have to carry 5 l Jerry of unleaded for longer trips. It lasts about 3 days, boiling water every morning and cooking dinner.


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Still got and occasionally use and old chooffa (coleman type thing ) that I um borrowed from an APC in 1989 runs on anything love the little thing


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The best I could come up with without a large single cab tray setup (big $$$), was to just use a bunnings 2M long lifeline fold table, a coleman hyperflame twin stove running off a 2kg LPG, an old esky full of quality cookware that sits in the 2nd row seat area. Place a 20L jerry on the table to fill up saucpans & kettle. A have a DIY dish rack with telescopic leg support that hooks on to end of table, for a sink I either just use a 20L plastic bucket or the joolca system plumbed into a diy SS sink.
40L Fridge placed on ground, LED tripod light that can be raised to a height of ~2metres that floods the whole area, All under the 270 awning, whole setup time is prob 5mins but once it's setup you can actually enjoy yourself and make some good meals. The cheapo coleman stove cooks just as fast in gale winds... With my simple highly effective 3M sq tarp setup, it could be bucketing down & blowing a gale & this setup will work every single time.
For the cold I use a compact gas heater on another 2KG LPG, in the heat I use a quality 1980's desktop AC fan (stapped a little inverter to it) & she puts out a better breeze than any modern fan....Absolutley practical, all the stuff packs away in it's own place. Will never understand some guys like andrew st pierre who spent god knows how much on his rig & he has to sit in his cramped stuffy cave like a hermit...hahaha badluck son!

Other thoughts, cooking on a BBQ is fantastic for sliced up potatores & hamburgers etc, so may try & squeeze one in storage,
those small gasmate style cookers runing off a small canister are bloody outright dangerous! had one catch on fire within seconds I turned my back, all the flames were around the cansiter, They look like they were made in a smoggy factory in china, never again, just go with a proper LPG bottle.


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This is what we use for a family of 4. Everything is permanently stored in the Nally fish tub, and depending on where we are going, and for how long, we will also take the Darche fire pit and / or the Weber Baby Q.
I use a lot of these tubs as they are virtually unbreakable. I have had this one for about 15 years...
A few of the things in there:
Plates / bowls / cups / knives / forks etc for 4
Diamond sharpening stone
Torch and party lights
Washing up stuff
Single burner butane stove and spare cartridges
Filleting knives
Toast cooker
Big cooks cleaver thing
Cutting board
Zip lock bags
Large frypan
Large saucepan
Collapsible tub