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Yeah, think they may have done a shifty when we bought her as the motor had only done about 140,000 and for a toyo thats not good. Geoff's souced a 2nd hand motor for bout $450 so my little baby should be back on the road fairly soon.
But..... I do get to drive Ekki to work so not all bad.


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I wont be going too soon, I will wait til after Loveday myself,keep me posted though you never say never! Sundays are the day for me!

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I just found the source of a small coolant leak. thats been apparent since our last trip to Morgan Quarry.

One of the rocks lodged itself into the radiator through one of the chassis holes. Noticed it as i put a stick into the radiator last night. hooked the bash plate.

Just pulled the rock out. and it is a decent leak now.

I Think the next morgan qaurry trip the frontal area will have some better protection.
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