Moondarra State Park


After the Bunyip fiasco, we went to Moondarra State Park, and had a blast. Nice camping area in the Sennis camping ground, good amenities, a creek surrounds it, great palce. And the 4x4 tracks werent bad either.

Ti Tree Creek track: Cool track, use if your paintwork does not worry you though. starts of a nice size, then reduces to what is essentially a mototr bike track. I got a heap of scratches down either side of the truck :)... Good climbs, neat obstacles (slalom through fallen trees) and has dirt and sand patches, great fun.

Sennis Track: Essentailly a dirt road, just watch for bikes coming the other way !!!:eek:

Orton Track: Small track, not a lot in it, but good if you are learning.

Wild Cow Track: Not bad, not very challenging, but great fun, decent climbs, just watch the paintwork.

All up, not a bad pace to go, will go again, and not far from Baw Baw State Park and Walahalla and its great tracks. A good place to camp and venture out from there.:D
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Wild cow is not a bad track - hardly a challenge eh??

Ive not been to Sennis track (or camp ground) - sounds like fun - will have to give it a go in the not to distant future (its only 20mis from home!)