MongrelLux (Mal) in Hospital


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For those of us who know him, I just thought I'd let people know that Mal is in Hospital at the moment for a serious heart opperation.
He has a dickie valve that needs attention.
He had to be taken by ambulance to hospital last Wednesday and will have his OP in the next day or two. He will be out of action for a couple of months afterwards.
Good luck with the Op Mal, hope you have a speedy recovery.

Big Matt

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Damn ....... we knew he had a few health issues but thats a hell of an issue

Get well soon for sure


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Take it easy Mal !

Must be infectious, went to my cardy guy last Friday, for my annual, told him that generally I was fine but went onto tell him about my accident last July and he was a bit concerned to say the least and a bit pissed off that RMH hadn't sent any reports even though I had given them all my doctors and specialist details to them .

He said considering the irregular heart beat thing that I had back in 2005 that it might be prudent to chuck a pacemaker in, as the hospital hadn't been able to draw any conclusions as to why I blacked out back last year , it's preventative rather than curative so that gets done on the 18th - so watch out , lock up your wives and daughters , I will be like the duracell bunny , bloody dangerous !

Hope yours is as simple Mal and really milk it, get the missus to chop the wood and tote them bales !

Regards Simmo


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Good luck mate, If your as tough as your Hilux you'll be fine pal. Get well soon.


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All the best Mal. Make sure ya get your quota on sponge baths!

Maybe after they fix you!! On second thoughts?

Grey Ghost

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Geez Mal, not good but hope ya feeling better soon and we'll see you on the tracks before you know it!