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MN Triton

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by aids84, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. aids84

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    Have had this ute since new in 2012 and have slowly done bits and pieces to it. Decided I would do a bit of a build thread to show anyone who's interested what I've done.


    Mods in order of when they were done -
    -3mm steel bash plates
    -Ultimate suspension 2" lift
    -265/75R16 Maxxis Bighorn 764's
    -Front Lokka
    -Icom UHF

    Drove it around for a year or so just like this, it got me plenty of places and was a pretty capable 4x4 in this trim. I smashed the standard alloy sidesteps so I built my own rocksliders.

    -Homemade Rocksliders

    I was parking at a local swimming spot and sunk into the gutter which was filled with what best is described as quicksand. Could not drive out and the car was on a big angle. Had a bloke in a R51 pathfinder pull me out. The tub had copped a broken RH tailight and a big dent from resting on the embankment, so it was here I decided to build my own tray. I didn't have a shed so It was built on the grass in the backyard. Made the ladder rack at the same time in anticipation of getting a rooftop tent one day.

    -Custom homemade tray with removable rack for rooftop tent.

    After getting pulled out of the slop by another vehicle it made me think I should probably get a winch for those time when there's nobody around. Needed a bullbar to go with it so decided on the XROX. I'm not the biggest fan of it's looks but it's one of the lightest winch bars available, and has proved to be pretty strong against the couple of roos I've cleaned up with it.

    -XROX bullbar
    -Runva 11xp winch
    -Rear Harrop e-locker

    I purchased some 3.15 low range gears as part of a group buy from Marks 4wd's, however they were to sit on the shelf for a while. After years of abuse the 3mm bash plates had been bashed back into shape one too many times, so they were replaced with some 4mm plates. Welded some new stronger mounts onto the crossmember as well.

    -4mm custom offroad bashplates

    With a Cape trip planned I bought a Kings weekender rooftop top and a Lumik branded fridge off e-bay. I tend to cheap out on things because I can generally repair things myself. Having said that the fridge has never missed a beat. I take the back seats out and have made a platform from plywood that bolts down to the floor and the fridge and sealed AGM deep cycle battery live there with plenty of room for other stuff.

    -Kings rooftop tent
    -90aH AGM battery with redarc isolator

    Got a fresh set of Bighorns for the cape trip and the car performed faultlessly, didn't have to lay a spanner on it the whole trip. Did all the main 4x4 tracks up there and it cruised them.

    Once we got back the modification bug started to itch again so I jumped in on a group buy for a Karrman front diff drop kit. This allowed me to raise the suspension up a little bit more and have basically flat CV angles, good peace of mind when doing remote touring. Finally I got around to installing the transfer gears, this really transformed the vehicle on techy climbs.

    -Karrman diff drop kit
    -3.15 transfer gears

    The latest mod I have done is a 65L polymate diesel tank under the tray. Got a facet pump to transfer fuel into the main tank when I need it and I can get well over 1200kms without needing to fill up. Hoping to do some touring out west next year so this will come in handy. There's enough room under the tray for another tank, so a 40L water tank will probably go in soon.

    So that's pretty much my Triton so far. It's been a great vehicle despite what lots of people say about them. Being a mechanic for Mitsubishi I have done everything myself, including the pre-delivery inspection.
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    good looking rig

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