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Mitsubushi Triton 4wd light flashing in 2wd

Discussion in 'Triton' started by AussieBrent, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. AussieBrent

    AussieBrent Member

    Hi Guys,

    Hopefully this is the right place to put this.

    After i washed my car took it home I went down the shops and as i was driving i thought i heard a sort of grinding noise and the 4wd light started flashing i pulled over and started it up again with the 4wd light still flashing. (No grinding or clunking noise)

    I still drove it round for about 15 minutes put it into 4wd Hi and Lo and it transferred fine any ideas what can cause this 4wd light to come on and flash? should i be worried and get it to a mechanic asap or could it be something minor?

    I also took it for a drive in 2wd - 4wd hi & 4wd lo all went well.

    My vehicle is Mitsubishi Triton 2005 Petrol Automatic
  2. ChallengeLee

    ChallengeLee Moderator

    The Mitsubishi Challenger has a similar thing where the 4wd light stays on, on occasion after being taken out of 4wd and sometimes in my case after giving it a good wash underneath the front end.
    It's more annoying than anything and as long as you feel the car is out of 4wdrive all should be has something to do with a sensor.
  3. blackout

    blackout Active Member

    Hopefully it was'nt in 4hi on the road.

    If not washing underneath could of put crud on the sensor as lee said. Also wash around the front hubs. Same thing with sensors there.
  4. AussieBrent

    AussieBrent Member

    It didn't happen exactly after I washed it but the car would of only travelled less then 5km when it did, I shouldn't have washed it.

    I thought I did smell a burning smell when driving it before shifting between 4wd hi / lo and 2wd but not sure if it was my car or the car that pulled up next to me as it was only very brief

    I'm going to take it to the mechanic is there anything specific I should say so they don't try rip me off with stuff I don't need?
  5. ChallengeLee

    ChallengeLee Moderator

  6. triton05

    triton05 New Member

    mine does it too after serious offroad work,nothing to worry about if you turn on full lock you will be able to tell if it is engaged or not.
  7. Scaliwag86

    Scaliwag86 New Member

    G'day guys, i've got a 2005 GLXR which has the same problem. my mechanic ran the computer over it but found no errors. he said this is a common problem in mitsubishi's and is caused by dust and shit in one of the electrical connectors. he also said it's nothing to worry about as 4wd will not engage unless you physically push the transfer into position. hope this somewhat puts your mind at ease.

  8. Pommie

    Pommie New Member

    Mitsubishi Triton 4WD light flashing in 2WD


    I had the same problem at first with the light continuously flashing on then soon after a grinding noise. I stopped the car then continued for approx 8kms with the light still flashing then the noise returned. The next day I travelled over 100kms with the light flashing but no noise.
    Has anybody else had this happen to their 05 Mitsubishi Triton GLXR? If so any feedback would be great.

    Thanx Pom
  9. Grey Ghost

    Grey Ghost 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I get the light flashing if I go through to much crud and sometimes deep river crossings but never had a grinding noise etc from the transfer case (Front wheel bearings and axle yes, but thats another story). And those that know me know I don't give my 05 GLX-R an easy life, it's my work car and play car, but it's a Mitsubishi and can take it.
  10. prawns

    prawns Moderator

    Dont tell me you guys havnt heard of the famous mitsubishi flashing light issues?
    I get them periodically in my Pajero too (funny thing is mines gets caused by mud in a bad spot and a water crossing actually fixes it)

    Website here will walk you through all the checks
    Pajero flashing light fix

    Even has photos of what your looking for :)
  11. kxboss

    kxboss New Member

    Check your tyre pressures, if one is down the diameter of the wheel is different or some such stuff, happened to me in my 04 Challenger and I pulled out solenoids and cleaned stuff spent two weeks chaising it and it was tyre pressure.

    But if the 4x4 shift is in 2x4 and the light flashes for transit it is in 2x4 or whatever the shifter is in as it is a mechanical transfer case lever. so the light flashes doesn't do any harm.

    ABS lights up when hit water fast as well, turn off car and start light goes out.
  12. prawns

    prawns Moderator

    If the system completely stuffs up and you lose vacuum completely - it will default to 4x4 just as a FYI (might put your mind at ease about being stuck in 2wd somewhere)

    PS "4hi" on the road is absolutely fine - thats actually what its designed for (wet roads etc or "ordinary" road driving as per Pajero manual anyway and I dont think things have changed in that regard?)
    Should all be written on your drivers door on a sticker? (their uses) so check first to be sure as Im comparing to my pajero 4x4 system
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2013
  13. bruzzz

    bruzzz New Member

    I’ve been having issues with the 4wd since I picked up the car yesterday from ARB for diff breather extension.

    While its in 2 H the front wheel lamp keeps flashing as if it would be changing from 2H to 4 H or vice versa.

    In 4 H works fine.

    When trying to switch from 4 H to 4 HLc the centre differential lock lamp keeps flashing. Have the same issue when switching to 4LLc.

    Flashing light means “drive mode switching in progress”. When it stops flashing and light is turned on it means it has correctly switched into the desired drive mode which will only happen in 4H.

    I reckon a sensor or somethings might have been manipulated (probably accidentally) while doing the diff breathers yesterday. I need this to get sorted asap please HELP
  14. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    C’mon mate, know you are new here and all, but no need to post the same question in three threads :rolleyes: Hope you get it sorted. Welcome to Earth and goid luck
  15. bruzzz

    bruzzz New Member

    Yeah sorry mate I’m a bit desperate tbh. I’m at arb now hope they can fix it under warranty. Just before the weekend :mad:
  16. bruzzz

    bruzzz New Member

    Apparently the vacuum was bumped off by accident while doing the breather extensions
  17. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    That’s great news.

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