Mitsubishi Triton VR 2008


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Mitsubishi Triton VR, 2008

Good Points
Lots of room inside - great looking inside and out - loads of power

Bad Points
Front Seats - CRAP

What mods have you done?
4" Suspension lift (front) Snake Racing Coil Spacers 25mm EFS Struts running on Stock Springs
(Rear) - Snake Racing Extended Shackles EFS Elite Shocks and Reset Rear 1.5"
33" Mickey Thompson MTZ (285/75R16)
16x7 Black Sunnys
Custom 3" Exhaust including Dump Pipe
Upgraded Speakers
Seat Covers - Sheepskin and Throwovers
Extended Brake Lines - 3"
Power BOX crplus - Setting 9 (around 140rwhp i would think)

What mods are on the list to do?
Front Lokka
Bash Plates

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Value for money (cheaper than other makes)

How often do you go offroad?
Every Fortnight

What will your next vehicle be?
Same again - cant beat the Triton


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Pure Yobbo

Good Lookin Trition Mate - keep us updated on how it performs.

We were looking at these earlier this year to trade some of our duel cabs in - you are right they were good value for money. We ended up keeping what we had for the moment.



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Thanks mate - it has served me well the past 5 months i have had it! Takes me anywhere i wanna go...just wish i got the Rear Locker! Now have to wait for front and rear ARB jobbies!


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Hi, very nice preparation. I have one and I would like to see how the strut spacer is mounted on the front suspension. Would you have a close up picture of the mounting of the strut spacer at the front?