Mitsubishi Pajero NL (lwb) 1999

Mitsubishi Pajero NL (lwb- import model) 1999

Mitsubishi Pajero NL (lwb), 1999

Good Points
heaps of room, relyable, not to fuel consuming, nice V6 3,5 Motor, more tuff than expected,

Bad Points
independent front suspension,

What mods have you done?
31x10.5x15 M/Ts

What mods are on the list to do?

1 inch spring/torsion bar lift
steel winch bar
safari snorkel

Why did you buy this vehicle?
was a good crossing between a family vehicle and a proper 4x4

How often do you go offroad?
as much as i can...

What will your next vehicle be?
not sure yet...


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TomDownUnder, it is a good looking Pajero. You living in a nice area of the Central Coast, use to live in Narara
thanks mate, yea I like that little truck... and i love the area in wich I live... the only bad thing about lliving here is - it's a little far to the desert *g*
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