mitsubishi pajero 84


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mitsubishi pajero, 84

Good Points
great in tight spaces, shocks people with live axles :), goes better than my old land rover, loves the mud, suspension seats rock, it always starts etc etc

Bad Points
terrible on fuel, carby is stuffed nothing else (but maybe im biased :) )

What mods have you done?
2" body lift, suspension lift 3" approx, custom front bar, arb rear air locker, hid lights, britax spotties gme uhf pioneer head unit 6x9s, 15x8 sunnies, 33x12.5 maxxi bighorns. probably more but i can remember

What mods are on the list to do?
gen 2 front diff or S.A.S, front locker and either diesel conversion or v8 conversion still not decided

Why did you buy this vehicle?
because im an ex mitsubishi mechanic and realy have a soft spot for all mitsi's and they are a very under rated car. and i love the look of a swb

How often do you go offroad?
as much as possible

What will your next vehicle be?
im keeping the swb but a challenger or similer for the wife


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Looks in good nick for a 26 year old Paj. Friend had the same year with the air suspend set and it was great.


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Cheers guys. Yep she realy was a surprise i bought it off ebay a few months back only seen pics not in person, the guy said it was in great condition but being ebay i just assumed he full of shit lol but it was better he said. Theres 2 small rust bubbles not even holes just bubbles under the paint which are no bigger than a 5c peice thats it and the interior is better than my wifes 04 magna and the factory suspension seat is awsome. This is in way better condition than the disco i had before it and that was 12 years newer hehehe Anyway look forward to meeting a few of you blokes on one of the outings soon


good to see another pajero out there!

can you fit 33s without a bodylift?

you should get a magna manifold and fuel inject your astron, if you want to do something in the mean time to fix your carby problems.. apparently its pretty easy and really changes the car, i toyed with the idea but decided its cheaper and easier to rebuild my diesel and do a bit of work, at least ill get more torque.


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cheers mate. im not sure about 33s without a body lift iv got a mate who has an nc swb he has 33s aswell he has a body lift but no suspension lift so i would say either a 50mm/2" suspension OR body lift you would fit them 1 or the other i dont like your chances with neither though.. and yeh im gonna rebuild the carb soon im an ex mitsubishi mechanic so iv done them before i just CBF at the moment i did consider efi conversion but iv decided im gonna wait untill i find a diesel wreck and strip and rebuild the running gear then swap it into mine.


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well thought i mite do an update since im bored and the car has had a fair bit done in the last few months.... well first off i decided to convert it to straight lpg which was great and ran well

also picked up 2x sets of narva spotties brand new in the box for $50 :) so made up a light bar and fitted them too the roof

but then for some reason i realy wanted a diesel and realy could not find any decent swb diesels anywhere so i bought a smashed gen2 pajero with a intercooled 4d56t and super select 5spd and decided to do the swap, being a later model also has alot of other extras such as twin spot front calipers, rear disc brakes, bigger booster and a few other bits and pieces. Anyway so i ripped out my running gear and got rid of it all, sold engine and box for more than what i payed for the smashed gen2 and sold the straight gas kit to a mate with an identical pajero to mine.


this was the wreck (i know ya cant see damage but the floor was creased and was a write off)

the engine was filthy but ran like a dream this was before a good steam clean


so i done all the gaskets, new timing belt and tensioners, new heavy duty clutch and a new hybrid td04 turbo with a wrx comp wheel

so this brings me pretty much up to date iv now got the engine/box sitting in the car, then engine bolted in to same old engine mounts and alot of parts are the same except alternator sits on the other side and small brackets ect however since the gen1 paj never came with the super select box im gonna have to get a shortened rear tailshaft made however i had a win as the stock gen2 front shaft fits perfect, also using the gen2 clutch slave cylinder with gen1 lines worked spot on also gear levers are in the same spot :) so shouldnt realy be a massive amount of work just alot of small shit..


it has taken ages to get here since i literally average around 70 hour work weeks with 2 young kids and also had a mates pajero at my place for the last few months doing an engine rebuild and i had started to lose interest and had regretted starting thinking i should have just bought something else but now im keen as again and iv got a shit load of parts now waiting to be fitted like an electronic boost controller, dual battery kit, all new aftermarket gauges, a tigerz11 10,000p winch and more so hopefully have it running and done by australia day weekend :) (but i doubt it lol)


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Sounds like it's all coming together for you mate. A top effort mate, well done.


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Geez can’t believe this thread has been revived....
I still regret selling that 1st ever shorty . So much so iv 3 or 4 since.

This is my current swb,
Factory turbo diesel import.


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3” body lift, 2” suspension lift, custom front bar, uhf, currently building a 3” exhaust for it


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T stone

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Looks a nice and tidy shorty mate.
Would anyone know what would be the biggest types i could fit on my standard swb with know lift?


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