Mitsubishi customer service is amazing.


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If you have a company any work car is 100% claimable, I am a sole trader with no PTY LTD registration so can only claim up to 80%.
I have been working out of the 4wd for about 5 years now and its well worth it IMO.
The only issue is if you brake anything while playing on the weekend work on Monday is a issue.
Luckily Land Rovers are so good I have never had that issue;)


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Cant understand why they wouldn't fix a simple issue like this , there must be more to it .?
They have probably sent samples out for testing to see if its Gembrook or Toolangi mud that caused it lol. Regardless its a poor outcome for you mate :(
They do have a new warranty test for wipers though .
They spay a small film of kero on then sit inside with Rose Coloured glasses .
If you get a rainbow effect then your modern day warranty approved :D



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Hope the mods don't mind.

Join myswag forum. Mitsubishi sponsor that forum and have a hole Mitsubishi section. Mitsubishi are active on that. There are lots of active threads in that section.

That should get their attention.


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Similar to above,
Pouring rain and my torana wipers decided they'd had enough, ended
up I broke the bit that holds the wiper blade in a fit of rAge trying to get
it sorted. Done the 2 bits of string as above but had to take a sock off and tie it to
the wiper arm to stop it scratching the crap out of the screen.
Happy days..!
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Cant understand why they wouldn't fix a simple issue like this , there must be more to it .?
Thats what i can't help thinking .
It should be cut & dry unless you are claiming extra damages from an accident or damage that you say was caused by the windscreen wipers failing at the time .
Good luck proving that mate , I wish you luck .


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Well why won't they fix it for you mate ?
No the first several times all I wanted was fixed wipers, the other faults although frustrating weren't dangerous...there was no mention of any compensation of any sort even though I'd lost money each and every time. If you check the link you'll see the faults happened every day this week.... Hardly intermittent and just Mitsubishi hoping I'd go away.
I could have sworn you had some kind of altercation with some staff somewhere from what I read earlier ( probably deleted now)
That wouldn't help your cause mate :(


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Some companies are very funny with warranty claims, I had a excavator with a
half broken engine mount, (happened to ask the service department was there
for it's first service if any problems they were becoming aware of with the model)
So while I was there I asked if they'd check mine machine while it was in the work
shop. The answer was no, but we'll have a look right now !
Inspection revealed it was partially broken, i suggested we whip it off and weld it
up. Big no-no, warranty void if I modified it in any way.
"So replace it !" No can't do that as it's no completely broken.
Result 2 or 3 days later it cost them a radiator shroud, fan, and engine mount and
I was inconvenienced with a half day lost. There was a bit more to story that baffled me,
they actually turned up with 2 engine mounts both looked brand new. But apparently
one was second hand, was asked which mount I wanted fitted. My answer was it's a
new machine, why would I want to fit a secondhand mount ?
I have a feeling there may have been a recall or similar and they may have been
payed to remove a sus mount then tried to fit it to my machine hoping it would then
fail again and allow them to double up on a warranty claim.
It's got me stuffed why a simple preventative repair had to play out the way it did.
I have a feeling some manufacturers must be very difficult to claim a warranty
reimbursement back from, is it possible some stealers are just not interested in
warranty claims ? To much paper work ?


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Good one has answered yet. Sometimes the fault takes an hour to show and helps to have the car driven so the wind blowing over the blades creates just enough resistance to trigger it. Even though I clearly stated these conditions on each attempt all they did was test it next to another car at standstill and call me an hour later saying it's normal.
I worked in the motorcycle trade for nearly 30 years and seen it all in every situation imaginable.
Only time I told a guy to F&%^ Off & don't come back was face to face over the counter .
Didn't even have to punch him , even though deep down I wanted to clock him one :)
Had a BMW motorcycle and sent his fork oil off for analyse only to discover it had metal fragments in it DOH ????
Nice work , demanded a new set of forks under warranty before his current ones wore out inside lol , was a serial pest .
This is before the internet and we had his name and photocopied and faxed to every other dealer in Melb like a police Wanted Alert to stick under the counter


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Ahh this forums been a pain in the arse of late timing out on me....I did finish that post maybe try refreshing.

Before my current line of work I was primarily in auto repair including a little paint and panel so I understand cars and the processes involved ... I also understand when I'm being treated like a moron.
I understand your pain mate , i just cant figure out why someone would need to come running out and hold you & read you the riot act over something so trivial unless there was cause for concern ?


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No one has answered that and don't forget the actual mechanic went full boxer stance with me straight after that when all I said to him was "you just said nothings wrong! Tell me now nothings wrong!
Looks like he was ready to try some Kung Fu on you lol


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Of course there is an issue with the wipers, and given that it is a safety related concern the dealer should be doing everything they can to get to the bottom of it.

From my experience Tritons are one of the better utes as far as reliabilty and faults go. Definitely miles ahead of the other utes our dealer sells (Amarok, D23 and Colorado) and to see a simple issue like this cause you so much headache frustrates me when I know it wouldn't be hard to diagnose and rectify the fault.