Mitsubishi Challenger 2010


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Mitsubishi Challenger, 2010

Good Points
Great engine, good size and LOW RANGE!!

Bad Points
Some might say IFS but for me it's a positive, especially on high speed dirt roads.
Road tyres on it at the moment.

What mods have you done?
Not me but it already has:
ARB bull bar
Tow bar
Ultimate suspension lift kit
Poly air bags in the rear coils
Cargo barrier

I've put on:
UHF antenna to 5W handheld unit
Narva 175 'blue' driving lights
Dual battery (in boot or camper trailer) with Redarc isolator

What mods are on the list to do?
Bash Plates
Additional auxiliary sockets

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Had my eye on them for a while and this one had a huge headstart on the modifications I wanted.

How often do you go offroad?
Probably once every couple of weeks

What will your next vehicle be?
Ask me in 10 years


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Nice rig Todd, always a good head-start when some mods are already done. Now who am i going to learn snatching from now the Xtrail is Gone. Just kidding, great choice and hopefully see you around the tracks soon, I hear Bylong creek calling



Top looking rig mate

You sure do sound happy about low range :)

When I head out bush I tell my wife Im going "3 wheelin" :D but its all part of the fun of IFS (if a wheel is lifted and spinning try applying a small amount of brake to put more power to the one still on the ground may help - or maybe you got traction control on that thing?)


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Really looking forward to following the build.

Is the bar winch compatible?

I saw a heap of mod options on evilbay. That's a bonus;).


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Sweet truck todd. I'm also looking forward to what you may have planned.
Don't be afraid to upload some more photos as work continues. :thumbup:


Hi Todd,

Nice looking Challanger, did you go for auto or manual? Iv'e heard auto's like a drink. New Isuzu MX-U has got my attention, will think about it down the track when a couple of years old.


In laws have one the same colour, awesome bus.

They are just a coiled wagon triton, drive lines the same!!

Did you get the factory diff lock?


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Yeah Daniel it comes with a factory rear diff lock so lifting wheels is not a worry;-)
Yes it's a winch bar Clough. Winch will come later. Or maybe next time Aldi have them:)

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Oh and its a manual. I've never been keen on auto. Plus I get 50nm extra torque than the auto

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Nice rig mate, it'll open up plenty more options for you, they are a very capable car and has a huge cargo area if you put the rear seats forward, 2 can sleep in the back with absolutely no comfort:D. Can't wait to see what next in the mod department.
Yes feel free to post some action shots:p



there is one of these in my town thats had the works done to it. looks absolutely sexy, bushwacker flares,4-5" lift, 35's, sliders, rear bar, winch bar, all the touring gear and man does it soung good with its exhaust system.

i reckon a nice set of wheels and muddies would set this off


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I think I will try to get some aggressive A/Ts. I do quite a bit of sand work so muddies are not really ideal for me at the moment. I may pick up a play set later on in the piece.

I just bought roof racks (so I can mount my beach rod) and seat covers (to make cleaning out the sand easier).


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Not saying muddies wouldn't do the job. Just that A/Ts do it better. H/Ts are better again on sand but who wants them on a 4x4.


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Iv run both factory HT/ATs and MTs - id choose MTs.

Grips better, feels more stable etc Only time MTs are a problem is if you don't air down enough.


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I've only once run muddies on sand and I'll avoid doing it again if possible. Not that they didn't work, but IMO my A/T's feel better, dig in less, less power needed to maintain momentum. I'm pretty sure that if I had the muddies on when I had the camper stuck on the beach the outcome would have been even worse.

Of course, none of that is relevant to the thread. Sorry Todd.


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Haha that's ok Clough. Got a little of track there. Back on track..... I installed the roof racks this arvo so the side awning is on.

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Built the start of what will be some drawers tonight. Base and top is 15mm ply and uprights are 19mm ply. One side fits my maxtrax and snatch strap. The other has my Winch and tools.

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